Why the woke crowd has no sense of humor.

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Buddy’s Soap Box

Why the woke crowd has no sense of humor.

A patriotic Texas howdy from Buddy,

The war crimes occurring in the Ukraine are on our minds and the people of Ukraine remain in our prayers, and likewise ordinary citizens of Russia, but on that subject, I’ll say no more here, as in my weekly email to our comic customers I covered the matter in some detail, and in the guest column below from Paul Gleiser, Ukraine is likewise covered.

The woke crowd, the wokies, are themselves a humorless bunch, but viewed from the outside they are hilarious, if sometimes only in a very, very dark way.

One can’t keep from laughing at people who believe such absurdities as:

·       There are more than two genders.

·       An unborn baby isn’t an unborn baby and isn’t even alive.

·       It is okay for boys and men to be in the ladies’ bathroom.

·       That girls competing against boys in sports have an equal chance of winning.

And all the following are racist (an incomplete list):

·       Classical music

·       Milk

·       Math

·       Emojis

·       All white people

·       Being nice

·       The White House

·       Dr. Seuss

·       Honking a car horn

·       Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

·       Bowl haircuts

·       Eskimo pies

·       The Declaration of Independence

·        Darth Vader

·       Sponge Bob

·       The National Anthem

·       Trees

·       Ketchup

·       Grading homework

·       Chopsticks

·       Milk chocolate Easter ducks

·       Dress Codes

·       Mugshots

·       Trader Joe’s food packaging

·       The U.S. Constitution

·       Fast Food

·       Sunshine

·       Laws against saggy pants

·       The Cracker Barrel logo

·       Sleep

·       Bernie Sanders’ mittens

·       Swimming

·       Stay-at-home mothers

·       Pollution

But when common sense is turned upside-down regarding matters of life and gender, and

when racism is seen in literally everything, then a kind of madness, the wokie madness, is loose in the land.

While it is true that the wokies, serving as our unintentional court jesters, are good for a lot of laughs, it is equally true that when they stumble into positions of power, they pose a real threat, as idiots always do, to ordinary people.

The good news is that their words give them away. Try as they might, they cannot hide the absurdities they would foist on us. Their critical race theory, gender ideology, communist yearnings, and such are being exposed for all the world to see.

The wokies have wormed their way into positions of power at every level of government, but now we know them for what they are. We are the many, they are the few. In fair and free elections, we win hands down. In elections at every level, from school board and city council, from county to state, all the way to national, we are winning, and we will continue to win.

Sensible Americans of every color, of every national origin, of every religion, will set the United States of America back on the right track.


Why Ukraine Matters

by Paul Gleiser  Published February 24, 2022   You Tell Me Texas

Kiev, Ukraine is a long, long way from here. Leaving from DFW it would take you 35 grueling hours of travel to get there.

So why, exactly, do we care about a conflict between Russia and Ukraine?

Well, to start, Ukraine is the second largest country in Europe behind Russia. It has a population of about 40 million and it occupies an area greater than the State of Texas. It is the number one producer of Uranium in Europe and it produces food that feeds more than 600 million. Ukraine ranks number four worldwide in the total value of its natural resources.

One of those resources is neon gas – essential to the production of semiconductors. Ukraine supplies 90 percent of semiconductor-grade neon to U.S. chip manufacturers.

But the Ukraine story is about more than strategic assets.

One day during World War II the world woke up and found that the United States had more men in uniform and more ships at sea than Great Britain. In that moment, world hegemony peacefully passed from one predominantly Christian, law-abiding, English-speaking nation to another. Where once the British Navy patrolled the oceans and projected peacekeeping power around the world, that job now falls to the United States. Or at least it did.

For better – and admittedly at times for worse – the United States has been the world’s hegemon and the chief deterrent force against thugs and tyrants and dictators. There will always be a hegemon, or if not, the contest to become the hegemon.

The idiots on the left who take delight in hating the United States seem to not understand that this nation – with its admitted faults – actually is the bright, shining city on the hill. Through its history, by virtue of its strength, the United States has lifted more people out of poverty and freed more people from bondage than any prior nation in history.

History teaches that weakness is provocative. The United States under President Joe Biden looks weak to a thug like Vladimir Putin. The day that Joe Biden took office a barrel of oil cost $48. Thanks to Biden’s radical left energy policy, that price has doubled – benefitting Vladimir Putin because energy is Putin’s only source of hard currency.

Canceling the Keystone XL pipeline and shutting down oil production on federal leases cost the United States its hard-won energy independence. It’s inflationary, which hurts the U.S. dollar’s standing as the world’s reserve currency, further weakening U.S. standing in the world.

Putin invaded Ukraine because he has the money and he thinks he can get away with it. He no longer respects the western allies because he no longer respects the United States. Joe Biden’s undeniable weakness invites aggression. With Ukraine now hot, don’t be shocked when North Korea starts firing missiles in the direction of San Francisco. Don’t be surprised when the mullahs of Iran start testing a nuclear weapon. And don’t faint when you pay $4.50 or $5.50 or $6.50 for a gallon of gas.

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