Canadian Truckers Win Big Over Justin Trudeau

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Canadian Truckers Win Big Over Justin Trudeau

After three weeks, the Canadian truckers protest is winding down amid a brutal and heavy-handed response from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. If Trudeau thinks he is a winner, he is wrong. The courageous Canadian truckers have forced Trudeau to expose his true nature, and what we see is far from pretty.

There is not a nation in the world that is immune from producing the likes of an Adolf Hitler, or a Joseph Stalin, or a Chairman Mao. In every nation such nascent monsters exist, as well as those eager to follow, including members of government, the police, and the military.

Canada’s Justin Trudeau is a case in point. The man is a thug posing as a politician.

What Trudeau is doing to the Canadian people is a crime far greater than truckers parking in a street or blocking a bridge.

Canada is ostensibly a democracy, but it is hard to imagine that Canada can long remain so, given Trudeau’s dictatorial behavior. As much as any banana republic thug, he is indifferent to due process and cares nothing for the rule of law.

He is confiscating people’s property without charging them with a crime. He is depriving people of their livelihoods, confiscating their bank accounts, threatening to take their pets, even their children.

Canadians who dared to come out to participate in peaceful protest are threatened with draconian fines and jail.

A single mother contributed $50 to a crowd funding for the truckers. She did so before the little dictator made doing so a crime. Yet, he froze her back account.  Tells you a lot about Justin Trudeau!

Meanwhile, some Canadian police officers attacked and beat peaceful protesters on Trudeau’s orders. Hundreds have been arrested.

All this from a man who expressed his solidarity with anti-capitalist Black Lives Matter and Antifa, even as mobs burned and looted. Thus, it comes as no surprise that Justin Trudeau is acting in the finest communist tradition, an iron-fisted tradition he admires and sees as more efficient than a free market.

Contrast the above with Justin Trudeau’s view of his fellow citizens who peacefully petition in protest. For them he has no admiration. He slanders his fellow citizens, calling them racists, Nazis, and terrorists.

We can thank Dr. Faucistein’s Wuhan Monster for exposing Trudeau for the kind of creature he is. Covid opens the door for Justin Trudeau’s power grab.

Justin Trudeau is not the only top power-hungry politician. The thugs and monsters lurking in our own government and Canada’s are coming out of the woodwork, bent on arrogating power to themselves in the name of protecting us from Covid.

We need to see these people for who, and what they are, whenever they pop up on either side of the U.S./Canadian border. So long as we citizens retain our right to vote, we can vote out all who are a threat to our democratic principles and then elect men and women who truly believe in freedom.

Our God-given rights and all we hold sacred depends on the choices we make!


Let’s explain it to David Brooks

by Paul Gleiser  Published February 17, 2022 · Updated February 18, 2022  You Tell Me Texas

David Brooks is the token “conservative” at the New York Times. (Note the quotation marks.) His conservatism is relative and can be called such only in comparison to his NYT colleagues.

A friend of mine sent me a piece that Brooks wrote in mid-January bearing the headline, “America Is Falling Apart at the Seams.” The piece laments that the social fabric is fraying, that we’re divided and at each other’s throats and that drug use and depression are on the rise while charitable giving is on the wane. Near the end he writes, “What the hell is going on? The short answer: I don’t know.”

Well, David, let’s see if we can suss it out for you. The actual short answer is this. People who get up every day and go make the country work are tired of getting screwed by the people you pal around with. How so? How much time do you have?

Let’s start with the fact that millions of poor, uneducated, social services-consuming peasants are being encouraged by Joe Biden to illegally invade the country. Not merely being allowed, mind you, actually encouraged.

There’s inflation. The gallon of gas that cost $2.40 a year ago costs $3.44 today. A gallon of milk cost $2.90 pre-pandemic. Today, it costs $3.79. David, you can probably take that extra expense in your stride. Millions of working people can’t.

Thousands upon thousands of small, independent businesses into which the owners had invested the entirety of their personal wealth were forced by elitist government officials to shut down during the pandemic while “essential” businesses – like Target Stores – were allowed to remain open. Target, which sells clothing, saw its stock price nearly triple. The clothing store in the strip center space next door went out of business.

On the subject of COVID lockdowns, Johns Hopkins University just confirmed what many of us believed from the start and risked public opprobrium for daring to say out loud. Locking down put individual liberty in peril while doing more harm than good.

Also, on COVID, we were told that we must vax up, mask up and shut up – or else. Why, then, throughout the pandemic did we keep seeing Democrats and lefty swells out in public having a grand old time maskless? From California governor Gavin Newsome hobnobbing without a mask at a swank Napa Valley eatery to Matt Damon, Jay-Z and others maskless at the Super Bowl, we came to understand that when it comes to rules about wearing a mask, rules are for little people. (To be fair, fans were flouting the mask rules at the Super Bowl, too. But that only further begs the question, why do Dems in government keep insisting upon them?)

I could go on (I haven’t even mentioned unprosecuted crime, BLM riots, etc., etc.) but here it really is, David. It’s all of a piece. Working people – the people that Ivy-educated liberals insist come on the double when the air conditioning goes out – are tired of the dripping condescension.

They’re tired of the hypocrisy. They’re tired of rules for thee but not for me from lefty elites.

That’s why the country is grumpy, David. Look around you. Is it really that hard to figure out?

10 thoughts on “Canadian Truckers Win Big Over Justin Trudeau

  1. Well, Soapbox is back and all is right with the world once again (as right as it can get in these times, that is).

    I see that true-doo has lifted a page for Abraham Lincoln’s handbook for restoring “peace & unity”

    How did “honest’ Abe perform this miracle of re-unification?

    Step 1) Toss out the Constitution and deny all citizens the rights that it confers to them.
    Step 2) Confiscate private property (a.k.a civil asset forfeiture) without due process or even cause.
    Step 3) Arrest and hold without charge any person who questions the tyrant’s edicts. (Jan. 6 detainees)
    Step 4) (and this is where these tactics always lead) Kill anyone that disagrees with you.

    That’s how Lincoln ‘united’ America. And the same conflict rages still today.

    It’s always been a contest between those who wish to live their lives as a free people and those who (really do) see themselves as being ‘better’ than everyone else. And, from this delusion of self-aggrandizement, they must, therefore, control everyone else ‘for their own good’ (they really do believe this).

    When people state that evil is good and that good is evil, without intervention by the forces of good, the end of that society is inevitable.

    1. MID, As you point out, Abraham Lincoln, finding himself facing tremendous pressures, was susceptible authoritarian impulses. That a man, by contrast, so small as Justin Trudeau, dealing with nothing comparable to what Lincoln faced, would be likewise tempted comes as no shock. Abraham Lincoln was a great man, a great president. Justin Trudeau is an empty suit, a twit. You perfectly describe the thinking of such little men as Trudeau when you say, “It’s always been a contest between those who wish to live their lives as a free people and those who (really do) see themselves as being ‘better’ than everyone else. And, from this delusion of self-aggrandizement, they must, therefore, control everyone else ‘for their own good’ (they really do believe this).”

  2. The one good thing from WUHAN FLU is it awakened the patriot in us. Its exposed the sick school system. Exposed democrats for what they are. We sold record numbers of guns and ammo. Just from the handful of protests against mandates, they magically lifted alot of state mandates. Hmmm

    1. Totally agree! The unlikely combination of the advent of two things – – the Wuhan flu and Donald Trump – – has jerked back the curtain, exposing the multiple interests arrayed against the common man. First, it was Donald Trump who terrified the elites, the creatures of the swamp, the Wall Street Journal plutocrats, the educational establishment, big pharma and big tech, the brainless legacy media, government bureaucrats, and politicians who go to Congress poor as church mice and leave as multimillionaires. These powerful interests were all quick to claim that the last presidential election was not stolen. That possibility clearly existed, but the need, the desperate desire, to be rid of Trump, who was fighting for the interests of the common citizen, was what mattered most to the moneyed elites. These powerful interests then founded covid, the perfect tool to control the popular free spirit Donald Trump had ignited. We, the little people, are fighting back. While our enemy is powerful, the good news is that we are many and they are few, and so long as we have power of our vote, we can bring the elites to heal.

  3. My heavens Buddy, you are clueless about what happened or didn’t happen in Canada. And you are doing a disservice to the real truckers, who were busy delivering good to/from Canada/USA when they weren’t blocked by the dyfunctional fools who tramped on everyone else’s freedom.

  4. If you wish to be informed – an objective opionion piece from the Globe and Mail.
    “There’s no doubt that the powers police had at their command for the nine days the emergency was in
    effect were extraordinary. Actual instances of abuse, however, were hard to come by.
    Claims that the government opened a repressive new chapter in the country’s history and that Parliamentary democracy had been replaced by an authoritarian dictatorship were just silly.
    One constant throughout the blockade mess was the weirdly distorted perspective of its apologists. The
    trivial risks of vaccination were elevated into mortal perils. The minor imposition of vaccine mandates
    was painted as a nightmarish assault on liberty.
    The well-attested thuggishness of the protesters, meanwhile, was simply denied or whitewashed as
    “civil disobedience.” The extremist ideology of its leaders, the threats of violence, the dreams of over-throwing the government? They’re not really the leaders. That’s not what they meant. They couldn’t
    actually succeed.
    But things were taken to another level after the police went in – the largest such operation in Canadian
    history, the most closely observed (hundreds of cellphone cameras documenting every move) and by all
    reasonable accounts one of the most restrained in its use of force.
    In two days of close-quarters engagement, after literally hundreds of separate encounters between cops
    and protesters, the list of controversial incidents amounts to these: two people fell near a police horse as
    it went by; a guy got kneed in the back a couple of times as a police officer tried to sub due him; a few
    people got pepper-sprayed.
    For anyone with any experience of even routine crowd-control operations, let alone one tasked with
    clearing out a deeply entrenched group of half-crazed anti-vaxxers, this was an almost miraculously
    clean rap sheet. Ground through the propaganda mills of the American right (and its Canadian subsidiaries), however, it emerged as Tiananmen, Hitler’s Germany and Guernica rolled up into one.
    But it was the decision that preceded the police operation, the federal government’s invocation of the
    Emergencies Act, that excited the most controversy.
    There were good arguments against invoking the Emergencies Act. The best was that the circumstances
    did not meet the stringent definition of an emergency set out in the law: threats to the security of
    Canada, exceeds capacity of the provinces, cannot be effectively dealt with under any other law etc. This,
    however, is a matter of opinion. As a matter of law, the opinion that counts is that of the courts; absent a
    court ruling the most anyone else can say is that it was unnecessary to invoke the act, not that it was
    Was it unnecessary, though? There’s no serious dispute that the authorities had a legitimate problem on
    their hands: The occupation of Ottawa looked set to run indef­initely, with satellite blockades popping up
    across the country. But, so the argument runs, the police already had all the powers they needed to bring
    them to heel. They just weren’ t using them.
    That they had all the powers they needed to prevent the occupiers from setting up in the first place is
    undoubtedly true. And certainly they seem to have had all the powers they needed to break up the blockades at the Ambassador Bridge and elsewhere. But Ottawa was a dif­ferent matter. The protesters having
    been allowed to dig in for so long, it was clear it would take quite extraordinary means to dig them out.
    That the police did in fact dig them out after the Emergencies Act was invoked, where before they
    were stymied, is suggestive, if not probative…”

    1. The article you cite rightly points out that with a few exceptions the Canadian police behaved properly and with restraint, given the conditions they were forced to work under. The real problem was Canadian bureaucrats and politicians beginning with Justin Trudeau who behaved shamefully, trampling the rule of law, individual rights, and due process. The thuggish threats to destroy livelihoods and to otherwise brutally intimidate opposition, those threats did not come from the police, but rather from the very top, from Justin Trudeau! He and anyone who supports such behavior Threatens the freedoms the rest of us cherish.

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