The move to free speech internet sites is already underway

You can’t have a train wreck without a train

The Biden/Harris train pulls out of Union station tomorrow, laden with ideas more pernicious and deadly that any virus. We predict a train wreck.

President Donald Trump isn’t the only one skipping the inauguration

We 75 million “deplorables” sure don’t want to attend. Nor does our president, the man who campaigned his butt off for us on a proven record* that in a better world would have made him the toast of the town.

Working in tandem, we know both Democrats and Republicans played key roles in the election outcome, so it is only fitting that they join hands with the media, academia, big tech, and together celebrate their special day, the day they conquered the people.

* This is a link to the White House web site so, for obvious reasons, it will be gone after today. However, we, like many others, are saving a copy so we can compare President Kamala Harris’ four years to Trump’s.

Buddy’s Soap Box

Howdy from Buddy,

Apologies to all regarding the following error pointed out by a stalwart patriot.

“Hi Buddy, Please, note that the free speech loving alternative to Twitter is spelled/named Parler.  In Buddy’s it’s misspelled as Parlor. – W.M.

The move to free speech internet sites is already underway, despite big tech’s burgeoning efforts to cancel you, me, and new competition. We are more than the 74 million who voted for Donald Trump. Guess what! We aren’t the only ones who believe in free speech and resist what the elites are up to. A lot of independents and, yes, even many Democrats, believe in free expression. Together we citizens represent a block far greater than 74 million. Let big tech turn their sites into echo chambers for a single viewpoint. We are going elsewhere.  Bye, guys, bad tech, we’ll find new tech friends that treat us far better—and you cannot stop us.

Judy and I have already closed our Facebook accounts. Ditto Twitter. And Judy’s high school class that was keeping in touch via Facebook has switched to as have we. Lone Star Comics will remain on Facebook, but we are now also up on MeWe. In fact, I was surprised that there are actually a number of alternatives to Facebook that do not tell you what you can think. The following list comes to us by way of Texas Scorecard. I expect over time there will be a substantial exodus from the anti-free speech sites to other options. In the beginning, those of us who cherish free speech (and abhor corrupt monopoly) may need to join several, but over time the best—the most honest—will come to dominate, even as Facebook and that ilk withers.









The Republican Party has revealed itself for what it really is, and it ain’t pretty

For more than a decade now I’ve been telling friends I’m not a Republican. Rather, I’m a Conservative. Even in college I was conservative. In the years following, I always voted Republican in the misbegotten thought that there was something essentially conservative there. That was true at one time—a long time ago. But no more.  And now? I wouldn’t touch the current Republican Party with a ten-foot-pole.

Neither the Democrat nor the Republican Party gives a hoot about the common citizen and voter. The Democrats mine their votes by playing the race card while doing nothing for the little guy, no matter his color. The Republicans, in their turn, give lip service to small government, personal freedom, and a respect for the benefits of capitalism, while not giving a flip for any of it.

In reality, both parties are two sides of the same globalist agenda, the thing George Bush Senior was so hot to trot for even as he lied and said, “Read my lips. No new taxes.” 

Neither the Democrat nor the Republican party gives a hang whether you have a job or don’t. That’s been borne out in spades during the Chinese Virus. Jobs in the government are secure and there’s no real money for politicians in advancing full employment.  The real money is in a full globalization of the world economy, and if that means sending your factory and your job overseas, then tough luck, Joe citizen.

The big tech companies are already doing business with Communist China, where they learned citizen suppression at the knee of the absolute experts.  Now, big tech is in the process of joining with our joined-at-the-hip political parties to move the little people to a single world market the elite cabal rules and one where you jump when they say frog.

Before I leave off on this not so nice elitist agenda, let me give you two examples of how they cut the pie.

China and other totalitarian states, when they want to influence other countries’ policies toward China, don’t funnel money directly to the politicians they want to influence. That might raise eyebrows. Instead, they funnel cash to the politician’s relatives.

For example, consider the following and you judge.

First, a Democrat. In Joe Biden’s case, his son Hunter received millions of dollars from China and Russia for non-existent “services” he was wholly unqualified to deliver. The “big guy” then got his cut.

Next, a Republican. Mitch McConnell’s wife owns an interest in a Chinese shipping firm, an interest shared with her family and the Chinese government’s military contractor.

Neither of these political stalwarts have harsh words for China, but both these paragons of virtue want Donald Trump impeached.

Wonder why.

Columns worth reading

Every week under this heading, I’ll include intros to columns you can read in full elsewhere on the internet. Each of these columns pretty much express my views, else I’d not be sharing them with you.

Five Big Points  — Defining This Moment by Robert B. Charles, writing for AMAC (Association of Mature American Citizens, Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Time to clarify murky water, shall we? Five big points are being missed. They are vital to the future of our Republic, should help calm and define this churning moment in American history.

First, legal processes – constitutional and statutory – exist to mitigate foreseeable conflict.  That is why the US Constitution contains Article II, section 1.2, defining how to electors are chosen.  That is why Title 3, Section 15 prescribes how electors are counted.  That is why our Founders permitted legal challenges to electors’ selection.  Accordingly, calling US Senators “Nazis” and blaming them for senseless political violence – based on pursuit of legal process – is just wrong.

Second, political violence begets political violence.  As a former Assistant Secretary of State, charged with supporting rule of law in corrupt and unstable countries, I have seen it the world over. That is why resolving political differences through street violence – attacks on public or private property, or persons – has never been legally acceptable in the United States.  It was not acceptable in Shays’ and Whiskey rebellions, 1960s, summer 2020, or in mobbing the Capitol.

Notably, if any good comes from those jaw-dropping images of violence at the Capitol, it may be this:  On left and right, from any perspective whatever, there should be a go-forward consensus that political violence is to be universally condemned – regardless of justification.  Violent riots are anti-American, undermine law, must end.  If all leaders accept that standard – we turn a page.

Third, a word about “incitement.”  This is a legal term.  It has a concrete meaning.  It does not mean bad judgement, loose, negligent, improvident, irresponsible, or even reckless use of words in the conduct of politics, or any other venue – all legally permitted by the First Amendment.

To read the rest of the column, please click here.

Erase and Criminalize by Chris Farrell of the Gatestone Institute, Jan. 13, 2021 at 5:00 am

There is a concerted effort to tar every Trump supporter with the brush of Capitol mob protester. That is a lie. It is deliberate and malicious. It is a plan to intimidate and silence.

Facebook is purging all content referencing “stop the steal” — although there is ample evidence of voting irregularities and cause for election reform. Twitter is suspending and expelling hundreds of thousands of users. President Trump is among them. Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Hosseini Khamenei, who leads public cheers of “Death to America!”, is not.

Trump gave a speech stating: “if you don’t fight like hell you’re not going to have a country anymore.” That remark is supposed to qualify as “incitement to insurrection.” What a pathetic, transparent lie! Think of the number of times innumerable politicians have invoked “fight” to express encouragement for active public policy engagement. We “fight” for healthcare, justice, human rights, entitlements, civil rights — even peace.

To read the full article, go to Erase and Criminalize.

A Message from God by Jeanette S., Marketing Director, The Epoch Times

The following is only part, but the most important part of a commentary by the author. Because it came in email format and is copyrighted, we cannot provide the full text.

“Don’t give up hope for goodness in the world. Protect the kindness in your heart. Stay firm in your desire for truth and justice. Rest well so that when the time comes, you can stand up for your principles with integrity and compassion. And when you look back on your life, you can have a clear conscience knowing that you did all you could to live with honor and righteousness.

Yes, it would be easier to just hole up and avoid the news. It would be easier to forget the reality that we’re living in. It would be easier to give up hope. It would be easier to quit my job and find another one where I don’t have to deal with such heavy issues. On some days, despair can look pretty tempting.”


Subject: I agree with you

Buddy, I want you to know that I share your political views and absolutely refuse to give in to the communists within this country.

To consider what the founding fathers would advise to do now in our time of peril, I believe that all patriots should work together to maintain communication, encouragement and steadfast determination to overcome overwhelming obstacles.

As you are well aware, freedom is not easy to keep. It must be fought for every day.

I will continue to be a loyal customer and will not purchase items from any other business.

We God-fearing Americans don’t quit, or submit.

Bless you, take care, – Chris

Thank you for your wisdom and support. While many have disappointed us—most notably the Republicans—there remains much reason for optimism.  After all, the Republican leadership is just a handful of people. And many small towns have populations greater than the whole of our crooked Congress. We must remember that we are more than 74 million strong and that in most of the country, voters can still participate in honest elections, despite Democrat and Republican connivance. There is strength and power in numbers and we have it, much more than 74 million when you add in honest Democrat and Independent voters, all of whom know the real score! – Buddy