75 million people voted for Donald Trump, and most believe, as Buddy does, that the election was stolen big time.

Zombie struck and re-killed on Interstate 40

The following is from a media wire service. The county and state where the incident occurred will go unnamed to protect the sensible.

“We provide the following as a public service and safety warning. It is bad enough that motorists in our county have long had to run the highway gauntlet of deer, feral razorback hogs, and any such crossing our roads, and in the process, putting life and limb—and fender—at risk. Now we most deal with zombies, even as we thought they had disappeared as thoroughly as comic book conventions.  However, we know where these zombies came from. Just check your local cemeteries where shaken gatekeepers return as many as possible to their final (we hope) resting place. But some slip out and are later seen shambling east.  Sure, they startle motorists and sometimes cause wrecks, but in their defense, and in the interests of inclusiveness, and in no way wishing to show prejudice to any lifestyle (or lack thereof), this reporter urges you to yield way to these voters, both the living and the dead, as they make their way to Washing D.C. and the impending inauguration.”  –UPEcch

You won’t see this reported in the Democrat media

World Leaders Denounce Big Tech Censorship of President Donald Trump 

Assorted musings

75 million people voted for Donald Trump, and most believe, as Buddy does, that the election was stolen big time. President Trump still has a 48% approval rating. We “deplorables” honor this great man. We will stand with him and stick with him.

The newest idea from the Democrat clown car, driven by Nancy Pelosi, is a last-minute impeachment of President Trump. His crime: Representing the people rather than special interests, including the parasitic political class. But it won’t happen.

Facebook stock drops by 10%. Wonder why. Maybe because Buddy Saunders and thousands of others closed their Facebook accounts.

Seven months of Antifa riots with 23 people shot dead; Pelosi praised all this as “a beautiful form of expression.”

The people who breached the Capitol perimeter were not at the ellipse where Donald Trump was urging the crowd to “peacefully and patriotically make yourself heard.” Had these outlier thugs been there to hear the President, they would not have had the time to reach the Capitol in time (45 minutes) to join the assault.

Ronald Reagan once said, “Fascism, if it comes to America, will be in the form of liberalism.”

The Merriam-Webster definition of fascism: a political philosophy, movement, or regime that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.

Parlor attacked by Google, Facebook and Twitter. Biden shills see green light to destroy their rising competition. SUPPORT PARLOR.

Whatever doesn’t kill me makes me stronger. And then what my dad would say when one of his boys faced childhood adversity such as a bully, “They can kill you but they can’t eat you.”

Buddy’s Soapbox

Howdy from Buddy,

The most disgraceful episode in American politics continues, and I am not referring to the breaching of and destruction within our Capitol building. The true disgrace is the stolen election and, even more so, the role so many institutions are now playing in the cover up.

It is simply amazing how swiftly our nation is moving toward a blend of fascism and communism, where an elite few will dictate how the rest of us must live and think. Already Google executives and other operatives are finding places in the illegitimate Harris/Biden mis-administration. Strange hands scratching strange backs.

So, what are we to do?

So, again, what are we to do, those of us who still cherish the democratic republic created by our Founding Fathers? What can we do to prevent the greatest nation in the world from slipping into totalitarian mediocrity?

For starters, we need to do just what we’ve been doing all along, from the earliest Tea Party of years past to today—speak out and protest peacefully. That’s exactly what as many as half-a-million of our fellow citizens did in Washington when protesting the stolen election.

The micro-minority who were violent naturally got all the Democrat media attention and thundering condemnation. Contrast that with seven months of anti-police, anti-Trump rioting and looting in Seattle that was fawned over by the Democrat leadership and media.

Remember when, in the early days of the Tea Party, when a Tea Party supporter would get in a shoving match with a heckler?  On the basis of such minor incidents, the Democrat media branded the mostly senior citizen body as violent. Nothing has changed since then, except that the double standard is now far worse.

Our government, now in illicit hands, has all the power that comes from modern technology and allies almost as powerful as government itself.  The days of confronting tyranny with the gun are gone.  The other side, like Darth Vader and the Death Star, so outgun the common citizen that the citizen would be crushed like a bug in any armed resistance, and any survivors tracked down easily by the technological tools available to those in power. It works so in China. It could happen here.

So, what, peacefully, can patriots do? Don’t get depressed. There actually is quite a lot we can do despite the repressive forces arrayed against us. And many of us are already taking action.

The first thing, the quickest and easiest thing, is to take our eyes and money away from platforms that suppress free speech and the competition of ideas, and move our resources to other platforms that do not seek to dictate a one-size-fits-all way of seeing the world. 74 million citizens represent a powerful consumer block. Many of us will want to seek sites more friendly to the expression of all points of view. The other side has ideas. We don’t mind seeing them expressed. In these times, we all need a good laugh.

Here’s an example of what I’ve done with my company and it all began not with the current election crimes and accelerating suppression of free speech, but rather with the Chinese Virus. When our governor shut down Texas commerce, we immediately went into survival mode and looked at every opportunity to cut overhead. Our monthly advertising on Google, for example, came under the microscope (the amount would make you gasp). We cut that spending by 84%, hoping that it wouldn’t adversely affect sales. It didn’t.  In fact, because it turned out that after April, we fully reopened and our competition remained closed (from comic stores in other states to sports and movies), our sales actually leapfrogged.  Seeing no adverse sales effect, we later cut our Google advertising to just 6% of what it was a year ago. And now, due to Google’s telling us how we must think, the plan is to shift all advertising to more friendly platforms.

I’ll close this week by urging everyone of a like mind to stand fast with President Trump and know that you are not alone. We conservatives are, among other things, part of a powerful 74 million-plus consumer block, and like the super heroes that brought us together and inspire us, we will win in the end, and truth, justice, and the American Way will prevail.


Subject: Disappointing

Buddy, First of all, I really like your site and have bought many comic books from it before the name change from Lone Star Comics to My Comic Shop.  My Comic Shop’s selection is so immense, and I have bought from such a large variety for almost two decades.

With saying that, I regret to inform you, that I can’t bring it upon myself to buy from your site anymore.  After reading several of your banters from the email newsletters, I find your sharing of political views from supporting a blatant narcissistic racist of a President, Donald Trump to saying things like the “Chinese Virus” to be ignorant, unprofessional, and also unemphatic.  In case you didn’t notice my email address, I’m Chinese, born in Canada, raised in the US.  Why did I mention this, you ask?  Did you know that every time Donald Trump mentions the “Chinese Virus”, that a bunch of Asians living in the US get abused, physically and verbally?  Bet you didn’t know, did you?  Wanna why?  Because you’re white, and just like white people like you, you just don’t care.  Especially for minorities.  And people tell me white privilege doesn’t exist.  That last sentence was meant as sarcasm.

I may not have my own successful business like you do, but I do know one thing, is that you should never mix your opinions with business especially if it’s a political one.  Did you ever sit to think that you might lose customers while doing this?  If this is how most Republicans think, then thank goodness I’m not one.  And no, I’m not a Democrat if you think I’m one.  Not that it would’ve matter because someone with a logical mind would know that the government doesn’t act in peoples interest other than their own.

I can sit here and write more about your banters and your love for Donald Trump, but I’m not going to.  Why?  Because A) You don’t care because, again, you’re white.  B) I’m just a chink living in the white man’s country conveying the so-called “Chinese Virus” to everyone.

I’m sure you’re not going to read this, but good luck to you, and pray that once you leave this earth, you don’t get resurrected as minority living in the US. – G.

Thank you for the positive comments regarding your experience with our business, and a further thank you for the business you’ve done with us in past years.  That you feel compelled to no longer do business with us is understandable, given the prejudices revealed in your comments.

I will never understand those, like you, who are so quick to judge others by the color of their skin. I thought we were past that. In any case, I make no apology for my being Caucasian. As to referring to Covid-19 as the Chinese virus, that’s where it came from. We also have the Spanish Flu and the German measles, descriptors long accepted. No disrespect or threat is implied toward the Chinese people. They are good souls as are people everywhere. It is their government, with a germ warfare research facility that lost control of a really bad virus, who bear the blame for so many dead and dying. Finally, as to your claim that Asians are being attacked because China is the source of the world disaster baffles me. Americans are an amazingly tolerant people. Sure, there are bad apples. Any country has some. But I’ve seen nothing in the news either locally or nationally that supports your claim that anyone is at risk, much less being attacked, simply because some are referring to the virus as Chinese, which it most certainly is. – Buddy

Subject: Joe Biden is #3

Hi, Buddy, I hope you will consider entering this information into the next Soapbox, just to keep the record correct.  You wrote the “Gallop Poll finds Donald Trump the most admired man in the country. Admired more than Obama. Biden didn’t even make the list.”

Actually, if you look again at the list, Joe Biden is #3, right behind President Obama. And, as a note of conjecture on my part, it seems clear that the reason Trump is at the top, it is because President Obama and President-Elect Biden split the Gallup vote from Democrats.  Together, their total is 21% to Trump’s 18%.


 – Peter

Sorry, Peter, your variant on how the election was stolen via counting the same vote multiple times (among other dodges), won’t work here. By such logic, you could just give all the runner up totals to Biden and he’d be the most admired man in the world, which would indeed be a feat, given that he has accomplished nothing in his life. – Buddy