I watched the hearing on Georgia election fraud

Gallop Poll finds Donald Trump the most admired man in the country. Admired more than Obama. Biden didn’t even make the list.

How many big shots—politicians, university moguls, bureaucrats, media hacks, etc. are in China’s pocket. That could well explain the hostility toward Trump, who is in the way of China’s further infiltration of every aspect of America. There’s a lot to this story. More to come.

Buddy’s Soapbox

Howdy from Buddy,

I watched the hearing on Georgia election fraud on Wednesday Dec. 30th. Saw the beginning just before driving in to work. Set my recorder and watched the rest that evening. Very interesting. It seems, according to the testimony of computer experts, that matching the electronic vote records to the paper vote form is not difficult and would reveal fraud quite easily.

We know all the people involved in the election count process are high I.Q. adults—from the voting machine software executives right down to the on-the-floor vote counters. Thus, if vote count fraud occurred, these bright boys and girls should be held accountable under criminal statutes concerning election fraud.

Election fraud on such a grand scale cannot long be hidden

No, not even with the cheerful complicity of the Democrat media, big tech, and the ever-more-distant-from-the-people government bureaucracy—all of which now clearly are working with the crooked wing of the Democrat Party.

Buddy predicts the best-selling book of 2021

A book on the fraudulent presidential election, now being written, will be the best-selling book of 2021. I was right last April in predicting that a vaccine for the China Virus would be announced by October and available to the public by the end of the year. One can’t hit the nail on the head any better than that. I had my reasons for making such a prediction, but even so, I knew I had put myself somewhat out on a limb. But in predicting the best-selling book of this new year, I’d bet dollars to donuts I am right. So, skeptics, you just hide and watch!

Buddy admits the Democrats didn’t steal the presidential election!

Whoa! What’s going on here? Doesn’t the above headline contradict the two preceding? Has Buddy lost his mind? Has he turned traitor?

Nope, none of the above. Read on.

Doping out what happened in the recent election is easy. The facts, so assiduously ignored by the legacy media, leave no doubt that the election was stolen. But not by individual Democrat voters. Voters of both parties had their votes equally nullified—a thing that happens whenever an election is stolen.

The point I’m making is that the corrupt Democrat machine did not steal the election. To steal an election, two things must occur. First, the theft must be attempted and yes, the Democrat machine certainly did that. But for the theft of an election to succeed, something else has to occur. The theft has to be accepted as not having occurred.

Think about all the powerful institutions that in their actions have made it clear that they have not a shred of interest in examining allegations of voter fraud. Think about all the elites in powerful places—in government (both parties), in the media, in big tech, in big business—who are doing everything possible to prevent any mention of election fraud from reaching the public.

There’s something going on here larger than two presidential candidates and two parties contending for power. And at the heart of that something is President Donald Trump, the first president since Ronald Reagan from either party to represent the common citizen, and not be answerable to big government, big business, big tech, and their many and well-monied lobbyists.

These plutocrats, who think they own us, are the real threat to our way of life. They have enormous power and endless cash to buy and bribe and even blackmail. Against them, all we have is our vote and honest elections.

More to come!


Subject: Well put, Buddy!

Never have I seen/heard/read such corruption across all media and politics as now. The D’s and R’s at their core are mostly interested in protecting their own parasitic financial and power interests IMO. Abrasive and whacked out as he sometimes could be, Trump was a once in a century–perhaps ever–individual who really wanted the system to serve the people, a man the elites could not stomach. What has happened in the election is a national disgrace, and terrifying in that I don’t know if there is anything that can be done about it.   – J (J is a well-known creator in the entertainment industry)

Great to hear from a man of such talent! And greater still that you are among those who understand what we are up against! Turns out quite a few comic industry folks share a conservative perspective, but like many, they prefer not to be open about it in an effort to avoid unpleasant attacks.  – Buddy

Subject: Final chance

One more mention of Chump or chinese virus or any other political BS in the monthly letter and I’ll take my business elsewhere.  Just shut the fuck up with your opinions and let me enjoy my comic books. – L

Sorry, Luke, but I cannot guarantee I’ll never ever briefly mention something political in Buddy’s Banter. But if that possibility bothers you as much as indicated in your email comments, I will certainly understand your wanting to move along. – Buddy

Subject: Disappointed to see

It was disappointing to see you move your comments to a separate blog. I enjoyed reading them in the weekly email. It was nice to see a little bit of push back considering the left is forcing their views on us everywhere we look. Don’t let them tell you what to do on your own weekly email. I say move it back! Anyway, I ordered some comics for Christmas and as usual was very pleased with what I got. I can’t think of any online company that does a better job than you guys. Thanks! 

P.S. I’m late in commenting on this because I’m a mail carrier and we’ve been extremely busy. I am just now catching up on my emails. – J. H.

Yes, I’d prefer to have Buddy’s Soap Box appear in the main body of our weekly email. And I do think most of our customers, regardless of their political perspective, wouldn’t have minded. However, there is merit to the argument that as a retail site serving all perspectives, I shouldn’t impose my views on customers not interested in such views.  My guess is that were my view liberal, a different group of customers would be objecting.

 – Buddy

Subject: Disheartened to hear

Hi Buddy! I was disheartened to hear that your headquarters and vehicles have been vandalized and broken into, but with wise Democratic strategies such as Defund the Police and the demonization of our great law enforcement officers, I fear the trend of lawlessness will continue. Until… we, the people, decide that we’ve been forced to eat one sh-t burger too many from the MSM, Congress, pampered professional athletes and the Hollywood elites. And my guess is that that day is not far off. Like maybe January 5th or 6th. I don’t believe that all 75 million people who voted for President Trump are gonna take the results of this sham election or impending socialism lying down. There is a revolution brewing and I fear it’s going to be bloody and violent. I’m not a physical or confrontational person. However, I’m willing to bet my AF 15 that there are way more than a few Trump Supporters who are ready to whup some progressive ass next week, consequences be damned. Whether the President wins re-election or not, I do believe that Donald Trump will set the narrative for the next four years and Joe Biden will be the first Commander in Chief of the United States to be the second most powerful man in the country. I hope you, Judy, Conan and the rest of your crew have a healthy and happy New Year!


Violence should always be the last resort, and I think, despite the criminal takeover of our government, we still have many resources at hand to set matters right in a wholly peaceful fashion—chief among them the good and honest voter, people in BOTH parties. The opportunities to bring these crimes to light and to prosecute the criminals still remain substantial. I just do not believe anything so monstrous can be hidden, despite the efforts of elites with agendas that ill-serve the ordinary citizen, regardless of the citizen’s political perspective.


Subject: Letter to the Wall Street Journal

Dear Sir or Madam:

I’ve been a Wall Street Journal subscriber for more than ten years. However, when my current subscription ends, I will not renew. And if it is possible, cancel my subscription and refund the balance left in my account.

I never dreamed the WSJ would suppress stories, absolutely suppress them, in order to advance its own agenda at the expense of its readers. Yet, rather than simply reporting every story and then letting the reader decide for himself via an open and fair ventilation of known facts, you have chosen to deliver an incomplete picture of events that serves only the interests of big government and big business.

Any genuinely reputable news outlet—which you no longer are—would be closely reporting the claims of election theft, Hunter’s laptop, and Joe Biden’s receiving through his family conduit millions of dollars from China. You’ve absolutely ignored these stories, lying to your readers both by omission and commission, and as a consequence, your paper belongs, at best, in the bottom of a bird cage. —Buddy Saunders

You have taught me that there are a lot more liars and frauds in the world than I formerly imagined.  —Buddy Saunders

Hi Buddy, Excellent letter! Great job Buddy. We don’t subscribe to any mainstream newspapers or magazines – all liars!

Watching all this on YouTube: NEWSMAX, OAN, BCP (Black Conservative Patriot), DJ TRUMP channel, Epoch Times on line etc. Absolutely NO mainstream media. And now relying on Parler (Twitter replacement) – subscribed to Atty. Lin Wood, Sidney Powell, General Flynn and DJ Trump – very informative.  – Vera

With you 100%. My only subscription is to Epoch Times an excellent paper, newsprint edition weekly, with frequent daily email updates. Also, One America News cable channel, far more informative than Fox which appears to be in the process of betraying conservatives. OAN has excellent covering of the election fraud hearing being conducted in various states, coverage that is totally blacked out by other channels, including Fox News.  – Buddy

Subject: That’s exactly what I’ve been telling my family

Hi Buddy. Just read your last Soap Box, and was glad to see you state “The time will soon come to replace Biden with Harris. That was the Democrat plan from the beginning.”

That’s exactly what I’ve been telling my family and friends. Anyone who thinks Biden will be the president for four years I think will be very surprised, unfortunately. I am concerned over what the Democrats have planned with Harris.

Thanks for your honest comments. I’ll continue to read them.

J from D

The switch from Biden to Harris will be one of the things that will make 2021 interesting!  – Buddy