Ask a liberal what more Trump could have done to stop the Chinese Virus

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Buddy’s Soapbox

Howdy from Buddy,

I’ve got two for you this week as follows…

President Trump could have done more to stop the China virus. Really?

The drum beat from the Democrats and the Democrat media has been, had Donald Trump done more to contain the Chinese virus, thousands of lives would have been saved. You may have heard that same mantra from family and friends. But guess what. When you ask those same folks—invariably liberal—what more Trump could have done that he didn’t, you get silence or a stammering evasion. And when you ask what Joe Biden will do that Trump hasn’t—assuming Biden does steal the presidency—you get yet more silence.

Liberals have conveniently forgotten that it was Donald Trump, a businessman who understands what business can do, who got ventilators produced in record numbers and in record time, first for the U.S., then exported in mass to the world. And were it not for President Donald Trump, we would not have one vaccine after another coming on line right now, saving lives. The “science”-following “experts” said an anti-Chinese Virus vaccine would takes years to formulate and test.

We are told ad nauseum that Donald Trump is no medical expert, yet because he has an open mind, he brought up hydroxychloroquine as a possible tool in fighting the virus, a tool that WORKS and saves lives. The “experts,” especially the Trump hating no-more-expert-than-Trump media, knee-jerked and jeered and were WRONG.

Being a China Virus “expert” best describes not an expert on anything, but rather anyone who always and thus reliably “believed” the opposite of anything the President said. These medical “experts” and their legion of mayors and governors and county commissioners—think about how many of their pronouncements and dictates have been proven wrong.  Remember their first grand solution? We all do. Back at the beginning, we, the hoi polloi, were told that a two-week shutdown of all business would “flatten the curve” and just beyond that an implied return to normalcy. Donald Trump never said anything nearly that stupid or dishonest.

When Donald Trump did shut down something—all travel from China to the U.S., Nancy Pelosi two-stepped to San Francisco’s China Town and said, “Come here! We are open for business!” even as the Democrats and the Democrat media (virtually all media) branded Trump yet again racist and xenophobic—and by extension so branded the millions of people who agreed with his decision.

Meanwhile, Beijing Biden slept in his basement dreaming of his next China check from sonny boy Hunter.

But in fairness. and as I recall, before the election, Beijing Biden said—in a lucid moment—that he had a comprehensive covid-19 plan. And it seems he does. It can now be seen at his basement website, . In it, once you cut through the bureaucratic blather, you’ll find nothing in the plan that directly addresses the China virus in any way that Trump hasn’t already done.  What we do see is yet more regulation and unfunded crony-directed spending, AND an ever-tightening grip on our lives by government.

Democrats and the Democrat media have shamelessly not given credit where credit is due—not just with regard to Trump’s management of the China virus, but on ANYTHING President Donald Trump has accomplished in his four years—which is quite a lot and all to the good.

So, these are the people we are dealing with…

According to one poll, 90 percent of Republicans, 30% of Democrats, and 40% or so of independents think Biden won the presidency in an election rigged by a Democrat big city machine, long-entrenched and known by all to be as corrupt as any in the world. That works out to more than a majority of voters who believe that the election was stolen. That is not a propitious way for any president to begin serving his term.

Donald Trump may yet pull a rabbit out of the hat.  But if poor old Beijing Biden manages to steal the highest office in our land, it will be with the help of all those people who, while not directly implicated in the fraud, are yet more than eager to countenance it because their irrational hatred of Donald Trump eclipses their moral imperative. How sad.

The conspiracy of silence suggests an even larger conspiracy

Unless you watch the cable channels OAN (One America News) or, to a lesser degree, Fox News, listen to conservative talk radio or, even better, subscribe to Epoch Times (both their weekly newspaper and via equally excellent news updates you can receive via emails that link you to breaking stories) then you may be one of those poor souls who have yet to hear about Hunter Biden’s revealing laptop or the millions of dollars the Biden family received from China and God knows where else.

Virtually ALL media has blacked out these monumental stories. We expect as much from the Democrat media—New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, etc., but it is truly shocking to see even such formally trustworthy institutions as the Wall Street Journal enforcing the blackout as well.  These are monumental stories yet they are being ignored.


Your guess is as good as mine, but I’m not adverse to sharing my theory. But no time to do it this week. So stay tuned!


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Subject: Just got finished reading ‘soapbox’…

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Subject: Buddy’s Soapbox

Hi Buddy. Just read your last Soapbox, and was glad to see you state “The time will soon come to replace Biden with Harris. That was the Democrat plan from the beginning.”

That’s exactly what I’ve been telling my family & friends. Anyone that thinks Biden will be the president for 4 years I think will be very surprised, unfortunately. I am concerned over what the Democrats have planned with Harris.

Thanks for your honest comments, I’ll continue to read them. —Jerry from Duncan

Subject: Buddy’s Banter

It was disappointing to see you move your comments to a separate blog. I enjoyed reading them in the weekly email. It was nice to see a little bit of push back considering the left is forcing their views on us everywhere we look. Don’t let them tell you what to do on your own weekly email. I say move it back! Any way I ordered some comics for Christmas and as usual was very pleased with what I got. I can’t think of any online company that does a better job than you guys. Thanks! 

P.S. I’m late in commenting on this because I’m a mail carrier and we’ve been extremely busy. I am just now catching up on my emails. –Jason

Subject: Recent Buddy’s Banter

Hi, Buddy, Since you are open to an equal viewpoint discussion re: your BB weekly discussion, I really have to put in my two cents regarding some recent statements you have had.  I think the best way is to quote actual passages so I can answer them directly:

Buddy: “If you’re a liberal, you’re likely rushing to the defense of Communist China.  ‘They didn’t do it on purpose,’ you’ll begin, ‘and you can’t blame them for the spread, etc.’”

Actually, I don’t know of anyone who doubts it came from China.  However, I do blame the spread in this country on Donald Trump.  He knew at the beginning of 2020 that it was deadly and that it could be spread in the air from one person to another.  However, instead of telling people them that and to wear a mask, he chose to say:

“…when we get into April, in the warmer weather—that has a very negative effect on that, and that type of a virus.” Feb.  7th.

 “It’s going to disappear. One day, it’s like a miracle—it will disappear.”  Feb 27

The pandemic is “fading away. It’s going to fade away.” June 17

etc.  And Trump wants the American public to now be grateful to him for the vaccines.  That is like an arsonist coming back to your home ten months later with the fire department and wanting to be thanked.

Buddy: “Yet liberals DO blame Christopher Columbus and every European that followed for the deaths of the native Americans that died from the diseases unwittingly brought from the Old World to the New.”

I don’t know anyone who has blamed Columbus.

Buddy:  “In the case of Biden, it runs into the millions from China, with more from Russia and elsewhere.”

No proof of this.

Buddy:  “We are on the brink of having an illegitimate president and everyone knows it.”  

No, the only ones who think this are an echo chamber for Trump, repeating his constant lie of “everyone knows it.”  I can think of about 81 million voters who disagree.  Courts across America have thrown out cases of Trump’s claims, including the Supreme Court, which has six conservatives, including three judges appointed by Trump.  Bill Barr, Trump’s A.G. said there was no fraud.  Rudy’s wild rants about fraud have been to the TV audiences, but when asked by a judge in one of the cases after Rudy claimed there was “widespread, nationwide voter fraud,” Rudy said, “This is not a fraud case” and Trump’s lawyer Linda Kearns said she is “not proceeding” on allegations of fraud.”

Buddy: “More than half the country voted for Donald Trump.”

No, only 46.9%.  That is why Trump lost.  The one thing that Trump supporters can’t seem to recognize is how much Trump is hated by the majority of Americans. 


Hi Peter,

Thank you for taking the time to respond in detail. We’ll have to respectfully agree to disagree.

Trump handled the Chinese virus as well as anyone.

As to the election, we are doomed as a nation if what happened in the election becomes the fraudulent norm. If you don’t see the countless irregularities that occurred, I certainly can’t help you.

“Echo chamber?”  Curious. When conservatives agree it isn’t because they first reason and then agree. It is because of their “echo chamber.” But when liberals agree, there is no echo chamber. They are just a bunch of really smart dudes.

And why is Trump “hated?”  I’ll never understand that.

I could respond to more of your counter comments but I simply lack the time, and in any case, to do so here, when your opportunity to follow up is limited by my lack of time, would be unfair to you.

My purpose in writing my blog is to let others who share my concerns—and have access to information you ignore–know that I am one with them, and in so doing, prepare myself and others to fight the good fight.

Good luck with your new president. You are going to need it.—Buddy