We now have a cowbird president nesting in the White House

Newt G. says the Democrats are trying to destroy conservatives. Ha! So are the Republicans.

Thank you, President Trump! Sir, we know we’ve lost the most popular president in recent history. But we still have the man. You are still very much with us. Together we will fight for honest elections and one heck of a lot more!

The government is afraid of the American people! There are more soldiers in Washington D.C. than we have in Iraq and Afghanistan. More than were there to protect the city during the War Between the States. Just amazing! But the main reason isn’t sweet Nancy and turtle-man Mitch quavering in their slippers. Rather, the lords of Washington will keep soldiers in town to enhance their narrative that we citizens will otherwise storm the castle.

Who showed up for the “inauguration’? Aside from 1,700 politicians and bureaucrats—and let’s not forget those 25,000 soldiers—no one showed up. And while the hacks and bureaucrats stayed comfy and cozy inside, the National Guard soldiers, including those from Texas—were banished to sleep on concrete in an unheated parking garage with just one toilet and one drinking fountain.

There is a big difference between winning an election and stealing it as a great many too-clever people are going to discover, much to their chagrin.

Big tech Child pornography is apparently OK on the internet in some circles. Big tech takes down dislikes from Biden page even as it takes down conservative pages altogether, but nastier stuff such as child porn and Iran leaders calling for death to America—they get a pass.

From the what did you expect department Biden in his first day in office issued an executive order mandating the Census Bureau to include illegal immigrants in its apportionment, representing a further effort to win elections by raw numbers rather than by ideas. Such decisions should be made by legislators.

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Buddy’s Soap Box

Howdy from Buddy,

We now have a cowbird president nesting in the White House. A majority of Americans know or very much suspect that Biden (I will never put the word President in front of his name) stole the election. Such a suspicion comes easily given that this same man pocketed and may still be pocketing, through his son, millions of dollars from Communist China, America’s greatest enemy. And then he has the gall to lie about it when the facts are so in the open that even his lick-spittle media can’t cover it up.

As you must know by now, I myself am dead certain the election was stolen and I will remain convinced—there is just way too much evidence. But for now, we best move on, with the understanding that in time justice will be done. A crime so large cannot be long hidden, even with the connivance of such parties as the media, big tech, both political parties, and educators—even some churches.

But for now, we the honest voters, called insurrectionists for wanting honest government, do need to move on. We have work to do. We have before us a task we dare not shirk. Biden is bad enough. His policies alone will cripple the nation. But Biden, the stalking horse, will soon pass from the scene, replaced by people who style themselves as socialists, but who have the instincts of communists.

Doubt the forgoing? Where else but just now, here in the cradle of democracy, have you seen socialists talk like communists? In Canada? Nope. United Kingdom? Nope. In Sweden? Nope. Sweden, in fact, abandoned socialism as unworkable.

Along with physical threats, including torture and execution, Red China influences people using four time-honored tools—flattery, bribery, sex, and blackmail. These are the tools that China has used to make wooden dummies of the so-called elites in our government, media, academia, big tech, and such.

I agree with Comey, “The Republican Party needs to be burned to the ground.” But I think Comey would not agree with our reason for wanting to do so.

No one who believes in free speech and democracy talks about reprogramming the opposition, censoring speech, and firing people from jobs because of their beliefs. No one in the world’s democracies are suggesting such things, but Biden, Harris and their Democrat cohorts are.

Folks, we stand against very powerful forces, forces that command not millions, but billions of dollars, beginning first with China, but including our own people, traitors to their nation all, the wealthy and powerful crowd who want a one-world economy where you, if you are lucky, get some of Nancy Pelosi’s crumbs, while the mega rich and their political puppets grow fat beyond  all imagining.

How do we stand against such power, power that can crush individuals like bugs?

There is a way before us.

We need not despair if we overcome our righteous and altogether just anger and put our hearts into productive determination. Above all, the thing to remember is that we are many and they are very few.  The entire Congress of the United States, is just a few pitiful creatures, desperate to hang onto power and line their pockets even as your job vanishes. Every small town in the country has a bigger population than Congress. AND a one hell of a lot better class of people.

Politics, boring and often nasty to the touch, must become our new spectator sport. Next week I’ll share a few ideas as to how we can make it downright fun!

Columns worth reading

Each week under this heading, I’ll include full columns or intros to columns you can read in full elsewhere on the internet. Each of these columns pretty much express my views, else I’d not be sharing them with you.

David and Goliath, Then and Now

by Michael Quinn Sullivan, Texas Scorecard (Someone’s always keeping score. We think it ought to be the Citizens.)

In recent days my thoughts have returned to standing in a dry creek bed in the Valley of Elah, kneeling in the dirt to pick up smooth rocks. What brought that memory to mind has been hearing so many friends expressing their fear of giants stalking the land. But these smooth rocks and pebbles are a reminder that we don’t have to be afraid.

The Valley of Elah is where David killed the Philistine giant Goliath. It’s one of my favorite stories from the Old Testament… but not the antiseptic version most Sunday School classes stick to. You know, where David used his slingshot to pop Goliath in the head and everyone went home happy singing a Disney song.

Not exactly. When David’s rock knocked Goliath down, the young shepherd boy ran to the body and promptly beheaded it. But the story doesn’t end there. The Philistine army, shocked by the death of their unconquerable warrior, turned tail and ran. Rather than call it a day, the Israelites pursued and killed the Philistines, leaving bodies “strewn along the Shaaraim road to Gath and Ekron.”

Then, the victorious Israelites came back and plundered the Philistine’s camp.

Remember, none of the mighty warriors in the Israelite army wanted to confront Goliath. They shirked from the fight in fear.

Very often the giants we face – in life, in politics, in business – seem impossible to defeat. We worry about being de-platformed by tech giants, or whatever. We think ourselves into believing that we cannot take on entrenched politicians and their cronies in the media.

And, yet, history is replete with impossible giants being vanquished by those viewed as inconsequential in the eyes of the world. Of course, let us remember David didn’t go onto the battlefield alone – he was literally fighting alongside God.

As a quick aside, we must – like David – be sure we’re fighting the fights to which God has called us, not simply those that are politically expedient or feel good in the moment.

Like David, we must faithfully confront the giants in our path. And we must be willing to get our hands dirty in the process. In so doing, we’ll inspire others around us to join in the fight.

Lastly, we must be faithfully committed to the work of winning. Too often we accept half-victories that end up as little more than a prelude to our own defeat. The Israelites didn’t walk away after Goliath was vanquished; they pursued their enemies. In the same way, we must be committed to getting the job done and done completely.

Let’s go slay some giants! We cannot count on kings to do our work for us. It’s up to us, as a self-governing people, to faithfully get the job done.

NOTE FROM BUDDY: Don’t send us an email claiming Mr. Sullivan or we are advocating violence. You know we are not. We’ll do our slaying via the ballot box in honest elections.


Subject: Buddy’s Banter and Soap Box a pleasant surprise

Only recently have I discovered the joy of Buddy’s Banter and Soapbox. What a great and pleasant surprise both have been. Thanks for the great posts.

I have been a customer MCS for several years now. I spent quite a bit with you but have had to slow down as my wife had to quit her job when Covid hit and stay home with our son that we had just adopted a few months earlier. As Covid hit, our daycare closed and her job (social worker) required her to work from home. After they passed the relief package, I had her apply for and subsequently be denied of unemployment. But 2020 was not a total dump. Our daughters and sons in law provided us with our first 2 grandchildren and now our two-year-old son will have someone to grow up with. Life has a way of blessing us even if it’s disguised as something else. NO REGRETS!!!

All the Best, – Jack 

Howdy to Jack,

I really appreciate your taking the time to write. And very much agree with you. There is no greater blessing than children, and then later in our lives, grandchildren. Children are what makes families, what children are all about. No sacrifice for them is too great. Blessed, indeed, are the children, and in turn equally blessed are mothers, fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers.

While our nation is now much divided, one thing we all agree on is that the Chinese Virus needs to be eradicated as soon as possible. And “as soon as possible” is coming very much faster thanks to President Donald Trump’s Warp Speed development effort. In the meantime, hang in there, the strong father your children need. – Buddy 

Subject: Thank you!

Dear Buddy, Greetings. A friend in another city recently sent me email about an exceptional online comic service he had found.  After reading only a couple of sentences, I knew he was talking about mycomicshop.com.  There simply is no other online service like it.  Thank you so much for many years of great service.  I not only buy items I love, but also sometimes pick up birthday and Christmas gifts from your shop.  (That includes occasional gifts for my father, age 86, whose favorites were All Star, The Flash and Captain Marvel during the Golden Age.)

In your recent newsletter, you urged people to get vaccinated and supported their right to make their own decisions.  Thank you for your very wise words, which I am sure will influence a few people on the fence.  (I am glad that, like my parents, you have already been vaccinated.)

A few weeks ago, you printed part of a letter from a customer in California who identified as a liberal and said he respected you, your honesty, and your right to write what you wish in your column.  As a liberal in New York City, I echo all those sentiments.  In fact, that is the way I teach.  My conservative students, minorities in both of the universities in which I teach, may be the ones I get along with best.  I give them freedom to make their own decisions about what they write and believe.  Papers with conservative ideas are as likely as papers with liberal ideas to get high grades if the work is done well–and all students who do good work can request and get recommendations from me.  I work hard to balance what I say in class, encourage everyone to speak up, and tell them that “a good teacher teaches you how to think, not what to think.”

I do this because when I was in junior high, high school, and college, I had problems with conservative teachers who did not respect my views.  Some of my conservative students have told me they have problems with liberal teachers who do not respect their views.  How very, very sad.  I remember what it feels like to be disrespected at such an impressionable age, particularly since young people are just beginning to put their own views under a microscope instead of parroting their parents.  At least I had comics to help me learn to think for myself.

Oh, I should say I am very open about my love of comics, Star Trek, and science fiction in class.  In fact, I sometimes work them into lessons.  (Perhaps my geeky students get as much out of my classes as the conservative students…?  I hope so.)

Well, I have already written too much, but I just wanted you to know that despite our different political views I think there is a lot we have in common.  Your wonderful site brings a smile to my face every week.

Wishing you well in all, – Mark East Coast

Dear Mark,

Always a please to talk to another comic fan. I do believe we comic fans are a breed apart. I started my Buddy’s Soap Box to see what comic fans thought regarding ongoing political events. I’m so glad I did. I’ve always believed comic fans where two things, a lot brighter than the general public imagined, and a lot more open to ideas, given our SF, fantasy, and super hero experience (which you yourself allude to). You, along with many who have written, prove my point.

As my dad used to say, you are a gentleman and a scholar. I don’t think I’ve ever read an email or letter I appreciated more than yours. You have in every way the right and proper classical teaching spirit, a spirit I wish was more widely held in academia these days. Too often debate fails when one side dismisses a differing opinion or viewpoint as a lie.  In reality, two people can see the same facts, arrive at very different understandings, yet neither be lying. I want to do just as you are doing, advance open debate—free speech, the free expression of ideas. I, myself, am a free market capitalist favoring government as created by our Founding Fathers, a democratic republic, but I want others free to express and champion their ideas, even socialism and communism, with a free and honest vote by a fully-informed people settling all such matters, and not a cook-the-books elite. – Buddy

Subject: I LOVE your Soap Box

There are those who tell me that they look forward to the MyComicShop Facebook posts.  

I, however, look forward to your Soap Box. Please don’t stop. You can’t appreciate how many of us feel the same as you.

Had it not been for Covid, Trump would now be held up as one of the greatest presidents of all time.

Yes, the train wreck indeed begins and the poison that will be seeping into the soil is far more toxic than Covid or anything we can ever imagine. – Mark Illinois

Thank you for your Soap Box feedback. Be assured, unless big tech finds us and then finds a way to silence Buddy’s Soap Box, it will continue! We deplorables have a lot to say!

 – Buddy

Subject: Thank You from Mark

Dear Buddy,

Thank you so much for your quick, generous, and greatly appreciated reply.  When I was growing up, there was a man from Scotland who had fought for the UK in the First World War and lived in my Brooklyn neighborhood.  One day Mr. Shields told me, “You are a gentleman and a scholar.”  Seeing that phrase in your email really made me smile.

In my 55 years on this planet, I have always enjoyed the company of other fans, many of whom are delightfully open-minded, able to think outside the box, and, as you stated, “a breed apart.”  

I love what you say about people learning from each other.  In fact, I tell my students that they should look around the room and make a point of talking to someone who is completely different (race, gender, sexual orientation, politics, etc.) to expand their horizons.  And although I am the professor, I believe I learn as much from my students as they learn from me.

I agree with you completely: “In reality, two people can see the same facts, arrive at very different understandings, yet neither be lying.”  My parents are an example of that.  While my sister and I are liberal Democrats like our father, our mother is a Republican.  Politics never kept my parents apart, as they have been married since 1962 and have often agreed to disagree.  And…  My poor mother has always had to put up with three gung-ho comic/science fiction/Star Trek fans despite being none of the above.

I hope you will take heart in knowing that there are many professors and K-12 teachers who think the way you and I do.  There are too many of the other kind–and they come in liberal, conservative, and radical flavors–but thankfully they are not the whole profession.

I am delighted that you will be using some of my comments in your email and Buddy’s Soap Box.  “Mark” is fine, and I thank you for your consideration in not wanting to expose me to attack. 

But…  I am working on a mainstream article in which I expand on much of what I told you and share success stories with conservative students who felt disrespected.  We liberals are supposed to champion minorities, and, as I mentioned, where I teach conservative students are in the minority.  I wrote a short version of this article as a blog for my state’s chapter of the International OCD Foundation.  Using that as a starting point, I plan to expand it with a non-OCD focus in order to get it published under my full name. 

Why OCD?  I have OCD and do volunteer work with young people who are just learning how to deal with it.  Also, one of the symptoms of OCD is having a narrow focus and being inflexible.  The things I plan to write about are the polar opposite of what OCD would have me do. 

When I look at today’s political polarization, it looks a lot like OCD to me.  How ironic!

The best thing in Joe Biden’s Inauguration Day speech: “We must end this uncivil war that pits red against blue, rural versus urban, conservative versus liberal. We can do this if we open our souls instead of hardening our hearts. If we show a little tolerance and humility.  If we’re willing to stand in the other person’s shoes just for a moment.”

I want to do my part.

Hoping I am in Texas one day and can take you up on your kind offer! Best – Mark East Coast

Thank you for the follow up. If only more people could see that there can be multiple viewpoints without any one view being necessarily evil or a lie. Better we learn from each other.

I also appreciate what you said about educators. I do think many have done their students a grave disservice, but I also understand, and as you point out both in word and by example, there are also many educators who remain true scholars and gentlemen/women who still seek to foster in their students an open mind and the ability to think for themselves.

On a personal note, likely you’ve found dealing with OCD more challenging than I have with my dyslexia. The brain sure works in wonderous and likewise strange ways sometimes, but every brain that often is the source of a problem likewise provides a means for us to mentally overcome that problem.  As a kid I thought I was just a bit dumb—couldn’t remember names, never won a spelling bee, didn’t learn to read until the 4th grade (when my mother who never graduated high school, and not the school system, taught me to read in six weeks using phonics via 35c paperback book.) – Buddy

Subject: You are a good friend

Dear Buddy — 

You are right, of course.  None of us can predict the future of American politics.

As a freelance writer, I cannot begin to understand your concerns as a business owner, which are much different concerns than mine.  I look to you to help school me on that particular area where our ever-changing Government does indeed play an oversized role.

But, like yourself, I DO know simple truths.

We both live relatively well, with a deep and abiding love for our families, friends, and our fellows.  We remain citizens of a most exceptional nation; THE most exceptional, in fact.  

Certainly, we have lived very different lives as free citizens of the United States.  Yet here we are, my friend.  Together.

In my life, I have been in firefights, I have been stabbed, I have had the crap beaten out of me and delivered the same to others while carrying out a job I held long ago.  It was a job I fell into, more or less, but I took the same Oath as every American politician and I used alcohol to get me through what I saw firsthand I hope to this day no one else ever has to witness.  I remain a fan of firearms, although I no longer hunt, preferring to target shoot occasionally (when not killing rattlesnakes on my property!) 

I think that having been a Federal Law Enforcement gave me a perspective few laymen develop or can appreciate.  Primarily, dedication to the truth, to facts, to solid evidence-based circumstances. Law Enforcement, at any level, depends upon this to administer Justice.  It’s not perfect, by any means.  Few man-made systems are.

I have been both elated and disappointed with our politics, with election outcomes and ever-changing policies, as I’m sure YOU have been.  But I have never given up on these United States, nor will I ever.

“Stolen elections” happen in third and fourth world countries. They have never happened here…to this day.  Not with Bush and Gore and not with Trump and Biden.  

It is difficult, almost to the point of impossible, to believe that a half-dozen terrorists with box cutters did so much damage to New York, the Pentagon and the country as a whole on September 11, 2001.

Yet, they did.

Let’s not forget that it was the Left who still claim this was an “inside job” because of George W. Bush.  Completely ridiculous.

It is difficult to believe that President Kennedy was killed by Lee Harvey Oswald.   Yet he was.  There are goofy and patently false and easily-disproven “documentaries” that blame George Bush, Sr. for Kennedy’s assassination.

Likewise, the documentary fodder of Dinesh D’ Souza, the monetizing stagecraft fanaticism of Alex Jones, 4Chan, OAN and Newsmax…preaching to an already sadly-converted church of what author Eric Hoffer called the “True Believers” in his 1951 non-fiction book of the same name.  Yes, Buddy, I want to know the Truth.  And I think you do, as well.

But we have to slough off the chains of opinion. We have to disavow that which serves only to reinforce mistaken positions and beliefs.

We HAVE to return to the human beings willing to learn, to expand our horizons, to admit that learning and changing our minds is a good and noble thing.

I have heard screams about every “ism” for the last year in relation to a Joe Biden Presidency.  ‘Socialism”, Communism”, etc. — neither one remotely related to the other, by the way.  

Let’s make it a point to revisit this in four years.  I predict the United States will stand as it always has for almost 240 years.  Because THIS country is truly exceptional. – Steve

Hi Steve, Yep, we can I hope remain good friends despite our views being at variance.

Dinesh D’ Souza, OAN, FOX, Epic News and Newsmax are all resources I draw on, but my view that the election was stolen comes primarily from what I saw and heard during the several state committee hearings on the subject. But just as you believe your view was arrived at via good reasoning, I too believe my reasoning is sound. – Buddy