Crooked Politicians and a Lapdog Media

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Buddy’s Soap Box

Crooked Politicians and a Lapdog Media

A patriotic Texas howdy from Buddy,

Good news and bad news.

First the good news.

CNN’S new CNN-PLUS was born without a pulse, dead on arrival with just 10,000 subscribers.

Heavens to Murgatroyd! There’s a YouTube knitting channel that has a hundred thousand viewers. Will someone play taps for Chris Wallace?

Now the bad news.

AT&T Cable has dropped OAN (One American News), the only conservative news channel, apart from Fox News, in their lineup. OAN was not cut to reduce listing clutter. ATT&T Cable cut OAN in an effort to reduce audience access to a conservative perspective, a perspective very often more comprehensive and incisive than anything on Fox.

Buddy is not happy with this turn of events as the Saunders household is an AT&T Cable subscriber, and Buddy does not appreciate a corporate big brother deciding what he can see and what he can’t. So, at the Saunders household out the door goes AT&T Cable and in comes Spectrum Cable.

Woke companies like AT&T and Disney, and woke types in general, have no problem with grooming toddlers for alphabetic gender roles, yet at the same time think adults should be shielded from a full range of perspectives.

Crooked politicians have always been with us. That will not change. The bigger problem is the media. The media has become an arm of the Democrat Party. As such, it has been as corrupt as any political party has ever been, condoning and complicit in the crimes of one party while eagerly attacking the opposition party with charges they knew to be lies. While Democrats may think that they can legislate free-speech out of existence with the complicity of a corrupt Media, that will not happen. Citizens will not tolerate the kind of free speech abridgment the Democrats have in mind, and the opportunities to bypass their lapdog legacy media continue to grow exponentially.

I, for one, am optimistic. The average person is pretty sharp. The reality is that we are passing from the time when citizens felt they could trust government, for all its warts and blunders, to essentially work in the public interest. That has changed and people have noticed. Donald Trump and others have revealed Washington and its bureaucracies to be the swamp that it is, a swamp that indeed trades in money, power and influence, and looks with contempt upon the ordinary citizen. People are paying attention and they are not happy with what they see. In upcoming elections—city, state and national–we citizens will change things, assuming elections are not again stolen.

It is vital that every election be free and fair with no fraudulent votes. Even when elections are honest, among those running for office there are always a few crooks of the Joe Biden ilk, but when elections are stolen, more of that type are drawn to run for office.

With inflation on everyone’s mind, here’s an interesting thought. Where has inflation had the highest impact? Answer, the cost of vote buying. That cost could soar to as much as $10,000-$50,000 if Biden decides by fiat to cancel college debt.


The Real Problem Here

by Paul Gleiser · Published April 29, 2022   You Tell Me Texas

In September 2019, Fox News Channel’s Peter Doocy had this exchange with Joe Biden.

PETER DOOCY: “Mr. Vice President, how many times have you ever spoken to your son about his overseas business dealings?”

JOE BIDEN: “I have never spoken with my son about his overseas business dealings.”

Thanks to the reporting of The New York Post, we now know that Biden was lying.

Material on a laptop that Hunter abandoned at a Delaware computer repair shop, together with a mountain of evidence that continues to grow, makes it clear that Joe Biden not only spoke with Hunter about his business dealings, he aided and abetted those efforts and profited handsomely for so doing.

In what should have won the Post a Pulitzer Prize, the Hunter Biden laptop story broke on October 14, 2020 – a mere three weeks before the 2020 presidential election and just eight days before the final debate between Biden and then-president Donald Trump. At that debate, Trump confronted Biden about the laptop revelations and Biden again denied having any knowledge of Hunter’s overseas business dealings.

The story was vigorously denounced by Biden and the Democrats as “Russian disinformation.” Twitter suspended the Post’s account, citing a violation of Twitter’s policy regarding the dissemination of “private” information. Any Twitter user that tweeted a link to the Post’s story also faced possible suspension.

For its part, the legacy media showed no curiosity about the story at all. They simply ignored it. All have since been forced to acknowledge, however reluctantly, that the Post’s reporting was correct.

Now we learn that there is a $5.2 million discrepancy between Joe Biden’s tax returns and what he provided on his congressionally mandated financial transparency disclosures. That is to say that Biden reported more than $5 million in income to the IRS that he doesn’t bother to explain to us. So, where did the cash come from? It’s a fair question


But just as it was with Hunter’s laptop, it’s not a question that the left-wing media wants to ask. Again, with a juicy story right in front of them, the legacy media shows zero curiosity.

As cliché as it has become to say so, the outrage is this. If you keep the same set of facts but change all the last names from Biden to Trump, the very same reporters who hitherto showed no curiosity about incriminating emails and $5.2 million public disclosure discrepancies would be immediately transformed into patriotic, first amendment-waving Defenders of Democracy. They would be relentless.

According to a poll taken just after the 2020 election, one in six voters would said they would have changed their votes for Biden had they been aware of the laptop story that was suppressed by the media. Put simply, rather than report on an election outcome, the media sought to bring about an election outcome.

So, I’ll say it again.

Corrupt politicians aren’t the real problem. We’ll always have them. The problem is the media. And it’s one that threatens the very survival of the republic.

One thought on “Crooked Politicians and a Lapdog Media

  1. Wow. Another astoundingly false bunch of comments! OAN is not a news channel. It’s a FAR right lie factory. Go read their Wikipedia page to see what kind of horse poop they peddle. There are 20 sections for your enjoyment. I notice you’re also still trying to advance the lie that Trump won. 18 months after the election and we’ve seen 0(zero) evidence that Trump received enough electoral votes to have won in 2020. None. Also zero arrests of anyone trying to steal the election(except a few Republicans who were caught voting twice). Trump simply doesn’t possess the integrity to admit he lost. It’s sad to see anyone else follow his totally unAmerican example. This lie damages the very fabric of this country. Trump has actually said a couple times that he DID LOSE. Of course he blamed some one or thing for his loss. And then started lying again…

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