Trump’s Rallies are Bigger Than Ever!

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Trump’s Rallies are Bigger Than Ever!

A patriotic Texas howdy from Buddy,

At first glance, it seems there is so much bad news out there that we tend to overlook the news that is good. Yet, if we conservatives look closely, we find reason for optimism and even celebration.

Clearly, Joe Biden, with a lot of help from his like-minded cohorts, has made a big mess of our country, and he can be counted on to make things even worse as he runs out the remainder of his term. This is what comes of stolen elections.

Had the past election been an honest one, Donald Trump would now be in his second term as president. More and more people are wishing that were the case.

What are Joe Biden’s accomplishments? He has thrown open our borders to drug dealers and what he hopes will be future Democrats. He has taken the United States from being an oil independent nation to one that looks to our enemies for energy. His “temporary” inflation is now looking to be awful and permanent.

On the international stage Biden, with the help of the giggler, has made the United States a laughingstock.

The list of Biden’s failures is very long. To list them all here would, indeed, be tedious. But there’s no need for such a list. The American people know Biden is a failure. His low approval ratings tell us that.

Now to the good news.

It is sure beginning to look like we will be getting our president back, the real once and future President, Donald Trump.

Trump’s rally from last Saturday and another held earlier here in Texas, were two of his largest. Yet, you would not know it from listening to the news. Only One America News (OAN) broadcast the rallies in full. All the other networks, including Fox, pretended the rallies never happened, as did newspapers, including the Wall Street Journal. All, with the exception of (OAN), represent vested interests that willingly tolerated a stolen election. These monied and ideological elites fear and loathe Trump, a man answerable to the people and not to them.

The efforts to prevent us from knowing what we need to know will continue apace. The good news is that even as Facebook and Twitter and other sites impose their woke censorship, we now have alternative sites that are committed to free speech.

The septic effects of the woke/communist agenda are being noticed, as woke’s isciples seek to institute its precepts all through our culture. We citizens do not like what we see.

And because we do not like what we see, we will vote in the November elections that will begin the turn the tide.  Starting now and in every election all the way up to 2024, and at every level of government—school board, city council, county, state, and federal—we will be paving the way for Donald Trump to return to office!

And, by thunder, every vote will count in free, honest and fair elections! We will see to it by volunteering as election workers and monitors.

I plan to volunteer to work in every election right up to 2024, at which point I’ll have plenty of experience under my belt. I encourage you to do the same!

Here’s a great way to go green without squandering billions of dollars!


Crazy they call him

by Paul Gleiser  Published March 11, 2022   You Tell Me Texas

Since he invaded Ukraine, there has been much speculation as to the mental state of Vladimir Putin. Some “experts” have said that an inordinate fear of COVID has kept Putin isolated to the point that his sanity is in question. Some in the media claim to see a “changed” Vladimir Putin from the one they might have interviewed in years past.

The fact is, no one knows the state of Vladimir Putin’s mental health and none of us can read his mind. But we can know this. Vladimir Putin can do elementary school math.

Putin knows that Europe produces 3.6 million barrels of oil every day but uses 15 million barrels. He knows that Europe produces 230 billion cubic meters of natural gas every year but uses 560 billion cubic meters.

He also knows that he produces 11 million barrels of oil per day but only uses 3.4 million barrels; and that he produces 700 billion cubic meters of natural gas per year but only uses 400 billion cubic meters.

So, he is well aware of the fact that Europe has an energy production deficit and he has an energy production surplus.

And while he’s probably aware that some in the West might think he’s insane, he knows for certain that Western leadership actually is. That’s because Western leaders like Angela Merkel of Germany and Joe Biden (together with very nearly every other Democrat in America) have allowed their economies and the prosperity of their citizens to be subsumed into the “climate change” movement.

In the name of “saving the planet” from the “climate emergency” Western democracies have hobbled their oil & gas industries in the hope of promoting “renewable energy” and “green energy” and seemingly any kind of energy except the energy that can actually be used in the here and now.

Putin (along with his new bestie Xi Jinping of China) are laughing at the spectacle of the most powerful nations on Earth allowing themselves to be made poor by the media’s hyperventilation over a 15-year-old Swedish schoolgirl cum climate activist named Greta Thunberg. They can’t stop giggling over the fact that the term “carbon footprint,” about which lefty hypocrites like John Kerry never stop fulminating, isn’t actually a scientific term. It’s a term that was coined by the PR firm Ogilvy & Mather on behalf of its client, British Petroleum.

Putin knows that renewable energy won’t replace energy from fossil fuel – certainly not quickly enough to replace the oil & gas production that Europe and the United States keep taking offline.

He further knows that Germany will need enormous amounts of his natural gas to generate the electricity that no longer comes from the nuclear plants that Germany shut down.

Putin, whatever his mental state, knows that he now has Europe by the you-know-whats.

Thus, he is simultaneously enriched and emboldened to pursue his strategic interests as he defines them – which includes invading Ukraine – secure in the knowledge of the upper hand that Western leaders have so fecklessly given him.

4 thoughts on “Trump’s Rallies are Bigger Than Ever!

  1. Buddy, you are so smart and you have a terrific grasp of reality. Maybe you should run for public office!!!

    1. Vicki, your feedback is always appreciated! Responses to any blog typically fall into three categories: those, like yours, that share the author’s views, those that politely disagree, and those like the example I cite below (which are blessedly few).

      The following belongs in that third category and, I suspect came from an individual who has communicated in the past, an individual who is, of all things, a college professor.

      “F*** you Buddy! You’re a dinosaur, can’t wait until your generation dies off and humanity can move forward. It’s people like you ruining this country!”

      Normally, I would have replied directly to this gentleman, after first cleaning up his salutation (as I’ve done here), but the nom de plume he used to further mask his identity was so vulgar that it is best not shared in polite company.

      This most recent rant from our college professor friend (again, I assume it is he) is nothing compared to his earlier lengthy meltdowns. For that we thank him. This is a very angry, hostile man. Why so? In all his rage, he never attempts to explain why the perspective he values is preferable to the one we conservatives appreciate.

      I find that there are two basic truths, when one compares conservatives to those on the left, and especially the wokies. The former are a whole lot happier in their lives and are likewise better at debating issues. It may be that the latter explains the former.

  2. Hey, Buddy – keep guarding that “line in the sand” in Texas. Thanks for all the cool comics – Stay well, friend

    1. Hi Stacy, you can just call me “line in the sand Alamo buddy.” I am a Texan through and through, and besides, I prefer Alamo Buddy to the names Mr. College professor calls me.

      Glad to know we are sending comics your way. I feel sorry for those who did not discover comic books as children, and who thus missed that sense of wonder that can only come with childhood discovery. Even so, latecomers to comics are always welcome to the fun!

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