As Ricky Ricardo used to say to Lucy, “You got some splainin’ to do!”

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“It’s completely unacceptable for either the government or the private sector to impose upon you the requirement that you show proof of vaccine to just simply be able to participate in normal society.” – Ron DeSantis

Buddy’s Soap Box

A patriotic Texas howdy from Buddy

I Love Lucy was a hit television comedy from TV’s 1950s black-and-white era.  Folks my age saw many of the episodes as they first aired, and thanks to constant reruns even to this day, virtually everyone is familiar with Ricky and Lucy Ricardo.  When Lucy got herself into a fix, and often Ricky as well, which was pretty much every episode, and then Ricky found out, he would confront his wife and say, “Lucy, you’ve got some splainin’ to do!” often with Fred and Ethel Mertz looking on.

That was then. Now is now. And this go ‘round it isn’t Lucy’s crazy stunts that require splainin’.  Rather, it is Joe Biden who has the splainin’ to do.

There’s the little matter of the border with the big “New Democrat Voters Welcome” sign. There’s the claim that voter I.D. and other sensible voter requirements are “Jim Crow racist.” There’s Biden’s calling for Major League Baseball to boycott Georgia because the whole state is “racist.” There’s Biden’s call for massive spending AND equally massive tax hikes. There’s his confusion about the difference between what makes a man and what makes a woman (Joe, just look in your pants and you’ll get half the answer). All that and more coming at the nation every day.

Yep, Joe Biden has a lot of splainin’ to do. And while the fixes Lucy got Ricky into were hilarious, there is nothing funny about the fix Biden is getting our nation into.  What Joe Biden is doing should terrify us all.

We note with great pleasure that, according to an AP poll, 72% of us see voter I.D. as simple common sense, and not as Jim Crow racism.  That includes many blacks and Hispanics, who voted for Trump in record numbers and who are, thanks to Biden, moving right is growing numbers.

But if you are among the national minority who are pleased with the performance of Joe Biden and his puppet masters, pray share with us all the things that most impress you about his administration. What has he done that you really like?

We know our progressive, woke brothers sample our blog. What remains to be seen is are there any among them capable of mounting a robust case for that man in the White House.

We are open for comment. Speak up. Don’t be wallflowers. Unlike a growing number of elite bastions of the left, we are and will remain a free speech zone where ideas joust with ideas.

Other Items in the News

Biden’s so-called “infrastructure” proposal is shaping up to be the most expensive in American history, according to Americans For Prosperity and many other sources, costing as much as $4 TRILLION – paid for by one of the largest tax increases in history. And no matter how high the taxes, it guarantees high inflation which acts as a further tax on citizens. To tell Washington to reject this plan, click here. Buddy has done it. It is quick and easy!

Another example of how the elites work to get the election results they want. A new report reveals Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg funneled at least $36 million in private cash to local Texas election administrators in 2020, with most of the money going to boost turnout in Democrat-controlled counties. Erin Anderson has the full story. What is described here in Texas happened in other states as well.

Texas as well as other states are acting to insure honest voting in future elections.  The Republican-led Texas state Senate passed a bill that would ban mail-in ballot drop boxes and most drive-thru voting—in the wake of controversy about the voting practices being used during the Nov. 3 election. The bill, which passed 18–13 along party lines, will now head to the Texas state House of Representatives. Committee hearings are slated to start when the lawmakers convene Tuesday, April 6.

ID requirements are no more racist at the ballot box than they are on a Delta flight. – Kimberly Strassel, Wall Street Journal 4/2/2021

The Arkansas state Senate voted this week to block federal law enforcement officials enforcing certain gun laws and regulations, sending a bill to the state House in the midst of congressional gun-control proposals.

The Senate voted 28-7 to approve the measure, which will then be sent to the House. Arkansas’ Legislature is overwhelmingly Republican.

“All acts, law, orders, rules, and regulations of the United States Government, whether past, present, or future, that infringe on the people’s right to keep and bear arms as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution and Arkansas Constitution, Article 2, [Section] 5, are invalid in this state, shall not be recognized by this state, are specifically rejected by this state, and shall be considered null and void and of no effect in this state,” according to the text of the bill.  Jack Phillips, The Epoch Times April 2, 2021

Republican-priority election integrity legislation is moving through the Texas Senate, more than eight weeks after the governor declared the issue an emergency. Erin Anderson reports senators passed Republicans’ high-priority comprehensive election reform Senate Bill 7 on a party-line vote, 18-13.

The omnibus election bill, authored by State Sen. Bryan Hughes (R–Mineola) and 12 other GOP senators, is loaded with reforms sought by election integrity advocates and intended to make voting more secure, accurate, and transparent. SB 7 includes dozens of provisions relating to voter registration, voting by mail, voter assistance, poll watchers, and voting systems, among other reforms. It also adds criminal and civil penalties for fraud and official misconduct. Texas Scorecard, April 1, 2021

The Georgia state House passed an amendment Wednesday that would strip Delta Air Lines of a multimillion-dollar tax break after the company blasted the state’s new election laws.

Republican Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp signed into law last week a bill overhauling his state’s election procedures designed to increase security and address issues that surrounded the 2020 election. Delta initially supported key measures of the legislation after it was signed, then backtracked days later amid calls for boycotts pushed by left-wing publications. The Daily Wire 4/2/2021

So here we have both Delta Airlines and Coca Cola and other big corporations opposing legislation intended to prevent voter fraud, and in the process slandering the people of an entire state. Buddy’s Soap Box

Director Rochelle Wallensky of the Centers for Disease Control predicts “impending doom” as some Covid-19 numbers rise, specifically among young, unvaccinated people. What do you think of this comment?

However, in an Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC) poll, 94% thought the following was most likely: The pandemic is waning, and this comment is part of an Administration fear campaign to restrict freedom and get “buy in” on more social welfare spending.

Just shows you, it’s hard to gull seniors!

A new report says that “In nine of the cities that made the most dramatic cuts to police department budgets, homicides rose by nearly 68%.”

EXCLUSIVE: Biden’s DHS may restart border wall construction to plug ‘gaps’  Here’s why! The number of migrants coming into the U.S. at the southern border has skyrocketed to the highest level in 15 years, with record numbers of children and teenagers arriving without their parents.

What to Know: Forcing hospitals to reveal the prices they charge patients can reveal huge discrepancies, like a blood test that sometimes costs $11 and sometimes nearly $1,000.

Highly Recommended

The following are excellent resources for those of us (way more than 75 million strong) who want full and honest news reporting. We’ll be adding to this list as we go along. Those who prefer filtered news—only the news deemed safe for them to know—can stay with the legacy media, such as it is.

Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC) AARP is a shill for big government, AMAC isn’t.

Fox News and One America News (OAN) Cable channel

The Epoch Times print newspaper and web site/email updates

Dennis Prager  This man will help you find the mainstream conservative hiding inside you.

President Donald Trump’s Great America PAC is now up and running.  Give to this PAC or to individual candidates you know to be truly conservative. Money given to the Republican Party is money down a RINO hole.

Sure can, pardner, sure can! “Amen!”

Columns worth reading

Each week under this heading, I’ll include columns or intros to columns you can read in full elsewhere on the internet. Each of these columns pretty much express my views, else I’d not be sharing them with you.

I suppose lying could be considered an art form, given that some people are so good at it. A true liar, fraud, bunko man, cad, bounder, fibber, perjurer, deceiver, scamp or mountebank practices the art of lying with style. Democrats, on the other hand, lie these days with absolutely no expectation on being believed, not even by the box-of-rocks media, who carry the Dems’ water nonetheless.  In the column below by Paul Gleiser, you’ll see just what I mean.

The second column, concerning China, provides insight into why a brutal totalitarian power will likely never appreciate or understand such simple concepts as those embodied by our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Which is it, Chuck?

by Paul Gleiser · Published April 1, 2021, You Tell Me Texas

I got my first job as general manager of a radio station at age 27. I look back on that day and realize just how much I knew not that I knew not. But on day one I managed to get one thing right.

That station had potential but it also had problems – some of them urgent. From the moment I arrived, everyone around me offered an opinion – often vehemently – as to what should be done and in what order of priority. I decided to wait and allow myself time to reach my own conclusions based on my own observations. That plan worked well.

It’s a plan that would have served President Biden. In less than two months since taking office, Biden has created chaos on our southern border where the order that was established by his predecessor once prevailed. Illegal border crossings in Donald Trump’s last year in office were at the lowest levels in 45 years.

In literally a matter of days, Joe Biden undid that success. The border is now a huge political liability and the resulting pain that Biden is suffering is 100 percent self-inflicted. The border is the big story of Biden’s first 100 days and not in a way that he and Democrats would like. Democrats are taking a hit on this one.

But it wasn’t always so. At one time Democrats weren’t entirely wrong about everything and they certainly weren’t insane as most of them are now. If you find that hard to believe I can prove it. In June 2009 – not that long ago – Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer was speaking at an Immigration Policy Conference at Georgetown Law School. Here is a portion of what he said:

We must create a system that converts the current flow of primarily low-skilled illegal immigrants into the United States into a more manageable and controlled flow of legal immigrants who can be absorbed by our economy. Let me elaborate. The first of these seven principles is that illegal immigration is wrong, plain and simple. Until the American people are convinced that we will stop future flows of illegal immigration, we will make no progress on dealing with the millions of illegal immigrants who are here now and on rationalizing our system of legal immigration. That’s plain and simple and unavoidable.”

Talk about bipartisan, there’s not a word of that that a Republican couldn’t support.

So, Chuck, with all hell breaking loose on the southern border, if you believed what you said in 2009, why aren’t we hearing from you now? Why are you instead currently co-sponsoring the proposed U.S. Citizenship Act that creates a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens and rewards the very behavior that you said was “wrong, plain and simple”?

So, which is it, Chuck? Is illegal immigration wrong, plain and simple? Or is it no longer wrong because you, like your counterpart in the House, Nancy Pelosi, are now totally cowed by the far-left loon wing of your once respectable party?

Which is it?

Best Argument Against China – is China

Posted Wednesday, March 31, 2021   |   By Robert B. Charles  writing for The AMAC Daily News Email

This week, in a cascading set of missteps, China tried to be tough, puff the chest, proffer bravado – demonstrating instead one of Communism’s profound blind spots:  They think, act, and react with little or no self-awareness.

Follow me. Over the past several years, accelerating in the past one year, China has shown a remarkable inability to understand how the Western world – indeed most of the world – sees it. Broadly, China is viewed as indifferent to Western moral values, an oppressor of people – starting with its own – overtly ambitious, manipulative, self-serving, and untruthful.

Examples are legion, reaffirming China’s lunge for global power, behind a diplomatic silk fan that fools no one.  From originating the COVID-19 pandemic, then denying and blocking global investigators, to accelerated military modernization; illegitimate takings in the South China Sea and Hong Kong, to illegal space weapons testing; currency manipulation and mass genocide, to signature cyber-attacks; manhandling multilateral organizations, like the WHO, WTO, and UN, to strong-arming regional allies, Taiwan, and small Africa and Western Hemisphere nations with usurious loans; angling to lease ports for military power projection to coercing participation in a prospective monopoly on global communications, including coincidental surveillance, through 5-G and “Road and Belt” gambits. The point is: People see all this, increasingly understand the full picture – Communist China’s raw ambition, blithe brutality, duplicity, and immorality.

In short, everyone notices, except China, noticing that we notice. Trump told them bluntly, get your hand out of the cookie jar. Admittedly, reactions before Trump were lackluster, but people are getting tired of the game – and not just in America.  China meantime believes one of three things:  The West does not notice, or does not care, or is scared to speak truth and level consequences.  We must step up – and that means Biden’s team – or they will keep cheating.

But this is where things get interesting. Sometimes a “thing speaks for itself,” res ipsa loquitur, as the law and Latin says. In other words, things become so obvious that everybody gets the inference. If you have chocolate chip stains about your mouth, the jar is empty, and you look full, people draw the appropriate conclusions.  A fat cat next to an empty birdcage is probably guilty.

On the serious side, Communism suppresses individual liberty, religious faith, material prosperity, self-determination, and basic human rights – like not being killed, sterilized, forced to abort your children, unjustly imprisoned, or forcibly “reprogrammed” for your opinions.  At the core, China dishonors the sanctity of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.  The bigger point is they do so without realizing the vast majority of a civilized world condemns their worldview.

Which brings me to this week, proof in a nutshell. As China’s behaviors have become more egregious, hard to hear, harder to endure, even the Biden Administration has pushed back – or his Secretary of State has – on the lies, abuses, and mounting missteps. Trump was blunt, but Biden’s team adopted Trump’s assessment that China was guilty of genocide, systematically violating human rights, threatening Taiwan, illegally persecuting Hong Kong, blocking WHO investigators, and gaming the world on trade.  Biden’s team needs to step it up, but this is a start.

Now comes the past week, when the Biden Administration – taking a page from Trump – sanctioned China over mass human rights violations.  While Trump started the truth-fest, the Biden State Department joined on March 22, irking the Communist Chinese – who were just wrapping up a splendid annual Communist Party Summit, centered on China’s dominance.  See, e.g.,;

So, what did China do?  They demonstrated – with perfectly imperfect timing, classic blind spot-ism – that they are as tough as the West, just watch.  They banned a short list of US and Canadian officials, including West Virginia Democratic Senator Joe Manchin’s wife, from traveling to China – for daring to say China violates human rights by imprisoning, abusing, brainwashing, and sterilizing millions of minority Uighurs in China’s Xinjian province. Take that! No more luxury trips to scenic Wuhan.  The spectacle is just that – a spectacle.

Adding insult to injury, blind spot to blind spot, China attempted some long-distance reprogramming of Americans and Canadians, their foreign ministry telling members of the US and Canadian human rights community to “understand the situation and redress their mistakes,” perhaps confessing them fully in public, before coming to China.

Well, there you have it. And sanctions do not stop there.  In an ironic confirmation of the human rights violations against which China protests the Western protests, the Chinese banned any citizen of Mainland China, Hong Kong, or Macau from “communicating” with any of the sanctioned personages.  So, if a Chinese citizen is caught talking with a Westerner who thinks human rights violations occur in China, they will be punished to assure the sanctions against Western human rights protestors are enforced – through human rights violations.

You cannot make this stuff up.  It is just reality, Communist China’s profound inability to see it is wildly out of sync with morality, decency, honesty, and truth.  To put a fine point on it, hopefully not getting any Chinese citizen in trouble, the best argument against China is China.

4 thoughts on “As Ricky Ricardo used to say to Lucy, “You got some splainin’ to do!”

  1. Hi Buddy, May I recommend that you stop referring to yourself as a “Conservative” and instead consider yourself an “Individualist” or even “Rugged Individualist”? You’re not Conservative, and the other side sure as heck isn’t consistently “Liberal”. Liberal and Conservative are outdated terms and they don’t help your cause. You’re an Individualist and the other side is Collectivists. You resist them the way the Federation resists The Borg in Star Trek. Individualists actually tend to be far more Liberal than Collectivists if you really think about it. We’re not trying to use the government and laws to force others to accept nonsense that is “in the best interest of the Collective”
    And I think if we use the right terminology more people could be swayed to think of themselves as Individualists than to think of themselves as Conservatives.

    1. Thank you. Your comments make sense. I especially liked, “Individualists actually tend to be far more Liberal than Collectivists if you really think about it.” So I welcome the individualist label, but that said, I’ll also stick with the conservative label as I would argue that individualist and conservative are altogether compatible terms. Based on how our small blog is attracting readers, I think more folks are finding their thinking dovetails with the individualist and conservative view rather than with that of the progressive collectivists. And nobody likes being suckered by the elites who build their fortunes and power by setting groups again groups.

  2. So why the sudden overwhelming desire to destroy America? I mean, we’ve been here before with Bathhouse Barry and the Demos in control of the levers of power, so why the sudden rush to bankrupt the nation? I would hypothesize one of two reasons:

    1) Because they are afraid that they have only two years to do it in
    2) They have absolutely no fear of ever being out of power again.

    After all, the cheat worked last time, so why won’t it again?

    The Repos just sat there, watching the slaughter like cows in the chute. And while a few make noises like they are fighters (Desantis) I would caution others from the perception that Ga. Gubner Kemp is anything of the kind.

    (Side note from Ga.: Kemp, like Doug Collins, is no fighter. All politician…all of the time…he’s only been a Repo for the last 15 years. Before that?…pure Demo all the way. Which way is the wind blowing today, Gubner?)

    So, with courage being in perpetually short supply within the Repo ranks, I don’t think the Demos have anything to fear from that quarter for a long, long time.

    As for why president Xi-den is so beloved; it’s because he gives the liberal hate groups (Antifa, BLM, all Demos in general etc) what they truly want: The destruction of others.

    After all, as the emotions of the moment rule the Liberal mind (and I use the term ‘mind’ loosely, here), to their way of thinking (what there is of it) it is so much more satisfying (not to mention easier) to destroy the lives of other people than it is to build one of their own.

    A rather short-sighted take on life, none of these fools stop to think of what will happen after all the productive people have been done away with. For an answer, reference the aftermath of Mao’s ‘cultural revolution’ (Hitler was a piker next to Mao, who killed somewhere around 100 million of his own people). Or perhaps the contemporary ‘workers paradise’ of today: North Korea. Odd…you don’t see a lot of people trying to jump the border to get into that communist utopia. But you do see a lot of people getting shot for trying to get out.

    Looks like the South was right all along. An all-powerful centralized government can only take a nation in one direction: into destruction.

    Oy vey! Where’s Fred Mertz when ya really need him?

    BTW, congratulations on the day. Beating the reaper for yet another year?…no small feat. You’d think he’da given up on trying to get you by now.

    Truly, all the best – the world is a better place for havin’ ya with us. The comic book world in particular.


    1. Mark, I think you are right. At best the woke far left has just two years to impose its socialist/communist agenda on the country. Voters will vote for sanity in droves next election. The Dems have a very thin margin now and they are doing everything to erode that margin. Just look at the stupidity on the border, voting with no I.D., the rush to tax everything that moves and doesn’t move, presidential rule by dotard edict. The list of nonsense grows by the day. Assuming we get back to fair and honest elections in 2022, sanity will win by a landslide.

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