Without firing a shot, China has now killed more Americans than died in World War Two

“Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you.” – Pericles

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Without firing a shot, China has now killed more Americans than died in World War Two

Howdy from Buddy,

291,557 Americans died in World War Two. Over 300,000 Americans have died from the China virus thus far. And so, without firing a single shot, the Chinese government has already killed more Americans than the Germans and Japanese killed in World War Two.

If you’re a liberal, you’re likely rushing to the defense of Communist China.  “They didn’t do it on purpose,” you’ll begin, “and you can’t blame them for the spread, etc.”

Yet liberals DO blame Christopher Columbus and every European that followed for the deaths of the native Americans that died from the diseases unwittingly brought from the Old World to the New.

China’s own million-man/woman-killer came from the Communist Party’s biological weapons lab, probably released accidentally, but now seen in the rear-view-mirror as an unbidden blessing, a lesson in the future potential of intentionally and strategically released biological agents and thus more easily win wars and conquer.

Now every country with the know-how is feverishly working on their biological warfare program—the western democracies focusing on prevention, China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran on lethal goals.

And now, in the face of this future, we have leaders in both parties taking millions from China, not just Biden, but now Republican Mitch McConnell as well, both through family conduits. There’s no telling how much each man has quietly pocketed. In the case of Biden, it runs into the millions from China, with more from Russia and elsewhere.

We can be pretty sure the Biden family tucked away at least ten million dollars from China. That’s $33.33 per American life lost to the China virus.  The cash flow to Biden has likely stopped, at least for now, so maybe we’ll get a discount on future lives lost.

— Buddy

In fair elections, your vote matters. It is vital. But in a fraudulent election, like the one just past, your vote didn’t matter at all.


Subject: Hey there Buddy!

I also wanted to thank you for moving your column to a separate page. Your political opinions and mine differ greatly, but I have been selling with you folks for a couple of years, and I didn’t want that to change because of our different views. I will admit I skipped reading the newsletter for a couple of months because I just couldn’t get through it without getting angry, and I choose comics to take me away from that stuff. I’m happy to say I am back reading the newsletter and enjoying the tidbits along the way. Thanks! — Matt

Howdy Matt,

Our opinions may be different—even very different—but so long as we tolerate the other man’s right to his honest opinions and views, then the country is better for it.  — Buddy

Subject: Soap Box

Hello Buddy,

This is my first time contacting you or anyone at MyComicShop, but I’ve been reading your newsletters for years, and now your blog. I’m writing because it’s so sad to see an astute businessman like yourself caught in the right-wing echo chamber. I’d like to introduce you to a different kind of conservative point of view.

Chris Ladd was a longtime Republican activist. For years he had a blog called “GOPLifer”. See if his descriptions of his principles fit well with yours:




In 2016 he left the party and started a new blog, PoliticalOrphans.com, which is consistently interesting. I particularly recommend these recent posts:




I hope you find Chris’ work interesting. Keep your eyes and your mind open as the future unfolds. — Rob

Hi Rob,

I did indeed find your first three links interesting. While a good bit less condescending than the following three, none were persuasive. I took the time to print out the first three, then yellow highlight various points, too many for me to address here (being a blog, there’s plenty of room, but I just have no time). I’ll just point out that capitalism is neither a gift from angels or the Devil’s spawn.  Capitalism is no different than a shovel or a toaster or a gun. What matters is how any tool is used, and that in turn depends of the moral character of those using the tool. Since the left’s opinion of capitalism is so low, how about sending us a not-too-long piece about what should replace capitalism—the crony capitalism of China and city halls all over this country, or what?

All illustrate why there is little point in conservatives trying to discuss issues with liberals. And I am not, by the way, a Republican. While there are still many good souls in the Republican Party, they are not well-represented in a leadership that has turned the party into what best resembles Democrats in slow motion. Neither party amounts to much anymore, both being fixated on power and pocket-stuffing.

And yes, I will indeed keep my mind and eyes open as the future unfolds. While I pray that President Trump remains our president, I have to admit there is another part of me that would enjoy watching the left fall flat on its face under first with Biden and then worse yet under Harris.  — Buddy