We all Should Demand a Thorough and Transparent Investigation into Voter Fraud

12/08/2020 We all Should Demand a Thorough and Transparent Investigation into Voter Fraud

Republicans believe every day is the Fourth of July, but the Democrats believe every day is April 15th. Ronald Reagan​

“Nearly 1/3 of New York and New Jersey small businesses closed for good in 2020. These businesses died more because of bad policies than the pandemic. The draconian policies to attempt to eradicate the Covid-19 pandemic have been devastating for employers and families and haven’t stopped the virus from spreading,” says Texas Public Policy Foundation’s Vance Ginn. “Instead of more of the same flawed approach, governments should focus on temporarily targeting resources to vulnerable population and areas and let others get on with their lives.”

The ruling elite can always be counted on to not follow the rules they demand be applied to the citizens; they peddle fear while living the high life.

Buddy finds himself watching a lot more One America News (OAN) and a lot less Fox. He also watches some MSNBC, CNN and listens to NPR just to see what the other side of the moon is saying and, in the process, unintentionally boosting their pitiful audience ratings.

Howdy from Buddy,

Election day, Donald Trump was the clear winner. And the next morning, it was the same in the Red states—Trump still well ahead, by as much as 70% in Wyoming, all accomplished without a flood of last minute “mail in” votes.

But elsewhere, something strange happened overnight. Yet, while Trump slept, thinking he had won, the vote counting paused in some states, then resumed with a vengeance, resulting in landslides for Biden in every blue state with a Democrat machine that had been in power for decades. And, surprise, surprise, hardly anyone voted for Trump during that night in the contested blue states. Meanwhile, no such next morning landslide occurred for Biden or Trump in any red state. Such a thing is statistically impossible.

I put myself firmly on the record, “The presidential election was stolen not by citizens voting individually, one vote at a time, but rather by mass vote stuffing by one means or anther by a corrupt political machine operating in just a few states.”

I am not alone in my thinking. 70% of Republicans and 30% of Democrats think much as I do. Virtually everyone knows or will at least admit voter fraud occurred on a scale heretofore not experienced at the national level. But so what, say some, alleging the fraud wasn’t enough to alter the election.  How, pray tell, do they know without a thorough and transparent investigation? Where there is so much smoke, there is fire.

Experts in statistical analysis have pointed out on OAN and elsewhere that a Biden win just doesn’t square with the fact that Republican candidates won everywhere in the country—even in deep blue states.

Reversing an election is a serious step. But stealing a presidential election is even more serious. Equally concerning should be a nation where possibly more than half the voting public believe a criminal few negated the vote.

Yet there is an incredible degree of disinterest regarding claims of election fraud, both from the Democrats, as one would expect, and from the legacy media, again as one would expect.

Last week, I watched a good portion of state legislature hearings in Michigan and Georgia. In no case did any Democrat express interest in looking into the many credible concerns expressed by Republican poll watchers.  One America News (now by far a better news source than FOX) carried each hearing in its entirety. After watching these hearings, one cannot come away without serious concerns. If no fraud was at play, why did Democrat operatives make every effort to prevent poll watchers from doing their job? That that was exactly what happened cannot be disputed. The testimony from the Republican poll watchers is credible, sincere, believable, and is often backed up by video.

Many reading this may be unaware of these hearings, still ongoing, because ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, NPR, big tech, and even Fox News did not make these hearing available to the citizens of this country, despite all that hinges on determining if we had a free and fair election. 

Yet, if the process was corrupted by big city Democratic machines to the point that the losing presidential candidate “won,” and we do nothing about it, then we find ourselves indeed on a dangerous road, one immensely darker than Joe Biden’s dark Covid winter. Covid-19 will in time be gone. But the recent election, if not examined and corrected where appropriate, will mark the beginning of the end of free and fair elections in this country.

Another concern, one that bears serious attention, is the Dominion voting machines used in 26 states, mostly blue states. There are actually two concerns. The first is the ties that exist between Dominion, its sister companies with foreign connections, and further connections to leaders and politicians in the Democrat Party. No politician should have any vested interest in voting machines, especially those used by the current Venezuela dictator to assure his own reelections. Secondly, any electronic tally can be easily altered. That is why any vote recount cannot be a simple recount. A count of the paper ballots must match the electronic total, and even then, the paper ballots must be each verified as coming from a qualified and preferably living voter, with any multiple votes disqualified and the mechanism put in motion to prosecute any wrongdoers for voter fraud.

Were the above done, and an honest report rendered, more than half of this country would sleep better at night and AGAIN believe their vote counted.

Will your vote and mine matter in future elections, or will corrupt vested interests void your vote?

Think on it — the survival of our democratic republic depends on each of us,


PS: Only one email correspondence was received for last week’s Buddy’s Soapbox, a thing I actually appreciate. My time is limited. However, any time you wish to write, do so. Your email may be posted (anonymously). I will measure the success of this email by the number of folks who click through to this blog each week.

My purpose it writing this blog is threefold:

  1. To put myself on the record regarding current and coming events. I will from time to time make predictions. Sometimes I’m right and I want to be on the record. For example, contrary to the opinion of experts, back in April I predicted in one of my weekly Buddy’s Banters that a Chinese Virus vaccine would be ready by as early as October and be in distribution by the end of the year.
  2. I want others who share my political and moral views to know they are not alone. That’s important, as so many, chief among them the legacy media and mostly without-a-soul Hollywood, strive to make us believe that we conservatives are the odd man out. That is not so.
  3. To play some role, small as it might be, in protecting and preserving all those things that make our free market democratic republic the greatest nation this earth will ever see.


Subject: Re: Thank you Sir!

I am an Air Force Veteran and love nothing more than to see our fellow Americans be able to exercise their rights such as freedom of speech which is something our previous, and current soldiers, marines, sailors and airmen have fought so hard to keep. 

This country is meant to be a free country and I like to see us respect one another for our own personal beliefs and opinions. Have a great Holiday season and thank you sir.

Respectfully, Ivan

Ivan, thank you for your service to our country, and for sharing my love of our great nation. Buddy