Guess What Will be the Best-Selling Book in 2021!

12/01/2020 Guess What Will be the Best-Selling Book in 2021!

Howdy from Buddy,

As will often be the case, I’ll have to cut short my endless supply of comments (run for cover!) due to my flat out running out of time. This week is one such week.

I, like many others on both sides of the fence, continue to follow the aftermath of the recent election. Now, more than ever, I am certain, absolutely certain, the election was stolen, not by the Democrat electorate, who voted in good faith along with everyone else, but rather by a long-entrenched and wholly corrupt Democrat machine located in big cities.  While the machine does nothing to better the lives of anyone of any color, the machine survive by race baiting, constantly suggesting that whites, and the police in particular, hate minorities. This is just a variant on the ploy used by despots in falling-apart countries where the thug at the top tries to get support by claiming one nation or another is attacking him.

When I have more time, I’ll elucidate my reasons for being so certain high crimes of the worst kind rendered a stolen election. In the meantime, consider 5 More Ways Joe Biden Magically Outperformed Election Norms by J. B. Shurk at the Federalist. You may well find yourself sharing my deep doubt about the election’s outcome.

Now, have you guessed what the title of the best-selling book for 2021 will be? I can’t tell you the exact title, and there will be likely several books, but a good working title for the lot would be, How the Democrat Machine Stole the 2020 Presidential election, or a title I like a lot better, How the Democrat Machine Almost Stole the 2020 Presidential election.

More than a majority of voters voted for Donald Trump. We are not happy campers. Blindsided once by crooks, having had our free and honest voted rendered void by machine thugs, we will not forget and we will not forgive. By opening this can of worms, the Democrat Party has really put itself on the hook. Their theft was on a massive scale. Such activity cannot for long be hidden, despite coverups by an equally corrupt legacy media.

The vast majority of citizens, citizens of every race and creed, want to live in a free and prosperous nation, one that holds firm to the traditions that have and will continue to make the United States the greatest and freest nation in the world.

We are tired of seeing ourselves made poorer every year while others make millions selling access to out government, and then have the temerity to run for president.

Harsh words but true.


Thanksgiving Reflection by Michael Quinn Sullivan, writing for the Texas Minute, November 25, 2020

“Socialism only works in two places: Heaven where they don’t need it and hell where they already have it.” – Ronald Reagan

Having just enjoyed another wonderful Thanksgiving last week, this week is a good time to look at how our Pilgrim fathers fared prior to their own first Thanksgiving. When they arrived in the New World, they found themselves in neither Heaven nor Hell, but as Michael explains…

We think we know the story of Thanksgiving: the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock, faced a harsh winter, famine and disease, and then only with the help of friendly natives learned how to survive. It’s nice for bedtime stories, and feel-good paintings, but it ignores the most important lessons of our early history.

The pilgrims weren’t city slickers ill-prepared for wilderness life, nor were they misguided about the challenges facing them in the New World. Sadly, the travails and trials of those pilgrims weren’t merely the result of recklessness, ignorance or chance.

No, the problems the pilgrims faced — and overcame — were of their very own making through a well-intentioned, though misguided, governing ideology.

William Bradford, the governor of Plymouth Colony, explains what happened in his History of the Plymouth Settlement. Even before setting off for the New World, the pilgrims imposed on themselves what he called “communal service” – what we today would recognize as socialism.

Everything — the land, the work, the crops, everything — was held communally. Everyone was expected to work hard and receive only what they truly needed. As a result, Bradford wrote, many would simply “allege weakness and inability.”

You won’t be surprised that Bradford reported: “the young men who were most able and fit for service objected to being forced to spend their time and strength in working for other men’s wives and children, without any recompense.”

At the same time, “The strong man or the resourceful man had no more share of food, clothes, etc., than the weak man who was not able to do a quarter the other could.”

Bradford would note: “Community of property was found to breed much confusion and discontent.” No one had an incentive to work, so no one produced, and everyone was miserable.

Remember, this was a small group of people who shared common values, cared for each other, and had willingly joined philosophically to the colony’s arrangements. It’s just that socialism fails in practice whenever it is tried; sometimes it limps along, but ultimately the results are always the same.

Socialism – no matter what one calls it – always produces human misery.

After three years the colony abandoned its “communal” life, lest they die-off completely. Bradford wrote that colony leaders divided the land among the families and “allowed each man to plant corn for his own household, and to trust to themselves for that.”

As a result, Bradford added, “It made all hands very industrious, so that much more corn was planted than otherwise would have been by any means the Governor or any other could devise, and saved him a great deal of trouble, and gave far better satisfaction.”

Private property rights and a free market carried the day. Labor was naturally divided – not politically imposed – and everyone utilized their skills to their own benefit, thereby increasing the productivity and happiness of the colony as a whole.

In the newly free society, where the local knowledge of Native Americans was combined with the techniques of Europe, the Pilgrims had a harvest bountiful beyond comparison.

The very first days of the American experience demonstrated what world history repeatedly proves: socialism fails, and fails miserably. Bounty is produced by liberty driven by self-governance, not central planning – even if its well-intentioned.

We must remember that individual liberty is in the 21st Century, as it was in the 17th, a necessary and integral component of our general prosperity. And let us be thankful to God daily not only for the material things we have but for the liberty of which He is the author.

Bribed: Subverting American Universities

by Raymond Ibrahim  •  November 25, 2020 at 5:00 am

More than one-third of the nearly $20 billion in foreign donations and contracts made to American universities between just 2014 and 2020 were never disclosed as required by federal law, according to “Institutional Compliance with Section 117 of the Higher Education Act of 1965,” a Department of Education report released on October 20, 2020.

Among those “gifts” were more than $3 billion from the Muslim Brotherhood’s number one state backer, Qatar; more than $1.1 billion from the chief disseminator of “radical” Islamic ideology, Saudi Arabia; and nearly $1.5 billion from China.

The reason U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East has traditionally tended towards disaster may partly be — in addition to the elixir of wishful thinking — because policymakers and the advisors and analysts on whom they rely are products of programs in which benefactors are hostile to the United States.

For the rest of this story, click on the link above.


Subject: Hi from James and Heather

Hi Buddy, I really love Buddy’s Soapbox and I’ll be sure to follow it

— James

Subject: PLEASE READ THIS: It may make you think differently about allegations of voter fraud….

— Bob Bretall

Bob, Thank you for sharing.

However, his column is one I read the same day it appeared on the opening internet page that promotes what the faceless powers of the internet think we should consider reading, either for serious edification or just amusement, a place where conservative ideas rarely if ever appear. While taking every opportunity to slam the President, I found nothing to change my opinion regarding election theft by the Democratic Party.

Titled “The Inside Story of Michigan’s Fake Voter Fraud Scandal,” begins and then continues, showing the usual outright hatred for Donald Trump, as illustrated by “After five years spent bullying the Republican Party into submission, President Donald Trump finally met his match in Aaron Van Langevelde.” The gentleman “stood up to the leader of the free world.” “the death knell of Trump’s presidency was sounded by a baby-faced lawyer.” “reflected a courage and moral clarity that has gone AWOL from his party.” “At a low point in his party’s existence, with much of the GOP’s leadership class pre-writing their own political epitaphs by empowering Trump to lay waste to the country’s foundational democratic norms.” “Michigan is home to Detroit, an overwhelmingly majority Black city, that has always been a favorite punching bag of white Republicans.” “Perhaps most important, Trump’s allies in Michigan proved to be more career-obsessed, and therefore more servile to his whims.” “Strangely liberated by his deficit of 154,000 votes, the president’s efforts here were aimed not at overturning the results, but rather at testing voters’ faith in the ballot box and Republicans’ loyalty to him.”

Van Langevelde, the hero of this piece, is a Republican, true enough, but that in itself proves nothing. Nor does the article persuade me, given that it exists essentially as yet another opportunity to launch an ad hominem attack on President Trump and any who support him.

I encourage everyone to read the column themselves (not just my pulled quotes), and judge for themselves what light, if any, was shed on the question of voter fraud.  — Buddy

Subject: Election

Dear Buddy, I live in England in a place called Washington near Newcastle. Trump has quite a few supporters in this country. I reckon he would be elected as prime minister in this country.

Anyway, the reporting against him was disgraceful, yet he still had millions of votes for him, if not for Covid he would have walked the election, a very unlucky timing for this so called virus to appear. I dread to think what Joe Biden will do. He is treated as a joke figure over here in Britain. Frightening thing for Americans is he and family have lots of skeletons to come out, plus I reckon he is not mentally fit enough for the job, we will see in coming months GOD HELP AMERICA. – Paul, England

Thanks, Paul, I don’t know how mentally fit Biden is for the job of President of the United States, but morally he is a disaster. I assume you are thinking of Hunter Biden and his laptop. A man who receive money from China and Russia through his son—millions of dollars—in exchange for political access is not someone who should be trusted to walk your dog, much less be President. Sadly, through the connivance of the legacy media, during the election, some 45% of the American public when questioned said they had never heard the laptop story. — Buddy

Subject: I just wanted to say thanks


I just wanted to say thanks for moving your political talks to the blog. I’m somewhat conservative myself, and I was impressed with the fact that you respectfully expressed your views and acknowledged that others might not agree with you. Despite that, I’m sick of politics and divisiveness. I’ll be reading your blog, but doing it separately from your newsletter.

Take care, Dan

Subject: Giving Thanks

Dear Buddy:

 On this Thanksgiving Day, I’m reminded of how thankful…how grateful I am… for many, many things.

My family. Health. Friends. Our country. The vast expanse of such a varied life I’ve managed to live.

The love I’ve given and received.

I’m thankful for you, Buddy.  

Against all odds, in spite of the world around us, I feel we are friends.  And that is no small thing to me.  Good people stick together.

We have explored many separate rabbit holes and continue to do so, but we remain the same as we began.  

Just two people trying to find their way on a journey that started for each of us a long time ago.

— Steve

Yes indeed, we have many things to be thankful for, despite Covid19. Thank you for reminding us! — Buddy

Subject: Deja Vu

Hi Buddy!

I was struck by a recurring message from even the polite letters asking to be removed from mailing list; the theme of ‘delete all of my records, ordering history, etc.’.

It hints at the existence of some type of sinister  “universal list” stored in a secret vault somewhere only accessible with two or more keys held by two or more people who have to provide the exact bio-metric combination to access the vault, if and when the time comes to “use” said list.  Apparently is part of this secret cabal.

It’s an old story that unfortunately respects no political or socioeconomic boundaries whatsoever.

I touched on it briefly in the censorship book with the example of people being completely freaked out about what their mail carriers thought about them when delivering something to their mailbox.  To this day, I remain surprised by how many messages both myself and the Small Press Artists and Writers Organization received about this strange and unfounded concern when the columns appeared in the newsletter.  

Odd and a little disheartening to see that exact hint of unnecessary fear being expressed when the simple remedy of hitting the “unsubscribe” button will do.

I could say a lot more about consumer habits based on one’s political leanings or ‘voting with your dollars’, and in fact, have written extensively on that very thing, but I’ll leave it here.  (SPOILER ALERT:  It’s impossible to do.)

Haven’t watched “Uncle Tom” yet (as one correspondent recommended on your blog), but I found “No Safe Spaces” (with Adam Carolla), a thoughtful documentary of potential interest to any artist, writer, entertainer and anyone curious about censorship and the First Amendment vs. “free speech”.

A Happy Thanksgiving to you, Buddy, and please give my regards to Conan and his family as well!

— Steve

Subject: Re: FW: To Buddy S.

I agree with you. Well said! Take care now, from a loyal customer. — John


Sounds like you are in my age range (I’m 73). When we were kids there was no vote-by-mail and that worked pretty well. Today vote by mail may be creating more problems than it solves. Regarding the Republican effort to invalidate some vote-by-mail votes in Texas, and given your political experience over the years, you know as I do that the political parties have as their first concern staying in office, and will do what they can to weaken the opposition vote. Regarding the specific instance you cite, I know nothing about the facts involved so I can’t say the invalidation effort has merit or not. What I can say is that all voting rules and procedures should balance as fully as possible, providing the greatest possibly access to the honest vote, and the greatest barrier possible to the dishonest note.

In the past, the parties—and people—yelled less at each other because they were in far closer agreement than today, when one part wants to stay with free market capitalism within a democratic republic, and the other has moved to the slippery slope of socialism. — Buddy

Subject: Thank you Sir!

Good evening sir,

I received your weekly newsletter just a few minutes ago and I want to say thank you for being open and brave. Not many Americans are brave enough to show what they believe in or what they feel. I think the U.S. needs to have more acceptance towards people’s choices, opinions and beliefs. When I say that I don’t just mean the laws since we do have freedom of speech but I mean the public as a whole. I am a big customer of yours and love the comic shop website you have. 

I personally am not a Trump fan, but I assure you that I also do not side with Liberals because I am not a Liberal. I myself am not a Conservative either and that’s because I have a believe that somehow the government give us the choice from two candidates, they specifically want us to only choose from and in the end the electoral college only votes directly for the presidents. So maybe it was pre-planned from those above in my opinion. I know both political parties have both good and bad just like anything does and it depends on a person’s background or situation of which party may benefit them most when in office. Therefore, I don’t judge people for who they vote for. We all come from different walks of life. That is what is beautiful about being a human being in general that we are all different. This country is meant to be a free country and you are free to exercise those rights. You were brave and no one should judge you for that. I personally thought Trump would have won by the way though. 

Thank you for an awesome online store and great comic book selection sir. May God forever continue to bless you and your family. I want you to know that no matter what your opinions are it doesn’t affect me and I will always be a loyal customer and of course a fan of your shop. 

With the outmost respect and admiration, Ivan

Thank you, Ivan. I’m impressed by you and so many other comic fans that, while not sharing my political views, nonetheless respect them with an honest and open mind. That so many comic fans are that way is a credit to our comic fan community. I’ve always had a high opinion of my comic fandom peers, and now more than ever!  — Buddy