Comic Book fans from across the nation and the world respond.

Election day has come and gone, but questions remain in my mind and in the minds of millions of our fellow citizens. Mail-in voting created the opportunity for more election fraud than anything seen in previous elections. The question is how extensive was that fraud, and if it occurred on a scale sufficient to hand the election to the man who otherwise would have come in second.

That essential question should be answered, and it can be answered by a bipartisan investigation. If it turns out that fraud didn’t produce enough additional votes to alter the final result, then fine. Apart from providing a resolution to the current question of who won, such an investigation would produce insights into the best ways to prevent fraud in the future, be it mail-in or otherwise.

No vote should be received and counted that is unsigned. Unsigned mail in votes cannot be traced to the dishonest sender. Another example. More than 10,000 people confirmed or suspected dead have returned their mail-in ballots to vote in Michigan, according to an analysis of the state’s election data. Other examples exist, more than enough to be worrisome, should they be shown to be true.

Count me among those skeptical that we had a fair and honest election. Sure, I and others who share my view may be wrong. So, acting as one, let’s prove us wrong.

— Buddy Saunders

Comic Book fans from across the nation and the world respond.

Subject: Hi Buddy

I was just belatedly reading your last update and wanted to reach out to condemn the email you received and printed (from Ph.D.).  I am a left-leaning Californian who absolutely did not vote for Trump and am satisfied with the outcome of the election, even though not excited about the new administration.  

Anyway, not sure how much response you got from either side of the voting aisle, but what a load of garbage that guy sent you.  I would hope that he is just some kook and not a teaching professor, but would not be surprised at all to hear otherwise.  I can only imagine how many other similar responses you have endured.  I hope not many.  Also, the word “Nazi” seems to have lost all meaning.

I have and will continue to support your business as well as my local comic shop.  I have found comics to be a great form of escapism in this crazy year.  Keep up the good work!

M. in Colorado

Subject: Cancel subscription and account

Dear Mycomicshop/Buddy

I would like to cancel my subscription to this newsletter.

Also, I would like to ask to have my account, ordering history, or any other data, removed from your online shop and/or databases as far as possible (my account is linked to this same email address).

The reason is the recent use of your newsletter as a soapbox for far-right political views and conspiracy theories, from which I would like to distance myself as far as possible.

As your company considers good practice to mix politics and business, I feel compelled, as a customer, to do the same.

I’m sure I’ve represented a very small fraction of your profit over the last ten years, but I hope I’m not the only customer to take a similar stance (I know I’m not the first).

Said that, I’m sorry to come to this. It’s been always a pleasure buying from you, as you still got the best prices, stock and website, and your customer service has always been great (so, I’m certain someone will take this into account).

Also, I guess those opinions are not shared by a majority of the staff.

However, my priorities are clear on this matter, and this is my only effective way to complain.

J. in Spain

Subject: Political Emails

Hey Buddy, 

I hope this message finds you and your family, as well as all your wonderful extended family at MyComicShop, healthy and doing well.

I’m a long-time customer, first as a teenager in the 80’s sending off to the address in a comic to get the latest Lone Star catalog so I could spend my saved-up allowance, all the way to present day, when I was elated to find your online store when I returned to serious collecting about 15 years ago. Now, each week, I look forward to seeing the latest MyComicShop message in my inbox to see what you’re up to, read Odinson’s always entertaining entry, and see what sales you’ve got going on for the week.

I’ve left feedback of my own many times over the past several years, a few of which I was surprised and happy to see get posted in the weekly email, thanking you and everyone there for great customer service, excellent shipping protection of orders and having the awesome trade/sell option (my personal favorite).

However, the message you posted last week from a now ‘former’ customer really got to me and prompted me to write this message to you.

I’ve always considered myself to be a “middle-of-the-road” person when it comes to politics; I’m a ‘Liberal Republican’/’Conservative Democrat’ if you will. Over the past few weeks, you’ve written about your support for President Trump. Now, while I may personally not share those same views, I honor and value your opinion as we’re allowed to do so in this country; it’s some of the basic premises this country was founded on—freedom of speech, freedom from religious (and I hope you also mean “freedom of religion–Buddy), political persecution, etc. We can agree to disagree, and that’s perfectly fine!

The message you received from Senior Research Scientist, Ph.D. left me stunned. He called you detestable, a PoS, that he has contempt for you and alluded to you being the same as a Nazi. His message serves as a perfect example of everything the radical left says is wrong with President Trump and all Republicans, but that he himself shows in his writing to you. He’s acting exactly like he claims those that he opposes do. “People who live in glass houses …”. It’s just ironic (or should that be moronic?) of how the more radical sides of each political party does exactly what they accuse the other of doing.

It doesn’t matter to me what your political affiliations are, your religion, color of your skin, favorite superhero, favorite author, or who your favorite baseball team is; we share a love and devotion to comics and that’s what makes us friends. A healthy debate about who would win in a fight between Batman vs. Daredevil (probably Batman, he has a contingency plan for everything!) is more entertaining than politics any day!

Sorry for the long, rambling message. I just felt the need to reply. Your forever loyal customer, 

Mike in Florida

Subject: President

I agree that everyone is entitled to an opinion. I think the gentlemen (Senior Research Scientist, Ph.D.) should have kindly requested to be removed from the mailing list as he surely must have asked to be on the mailing list. That would have been just as effective.

Thanks for all you and your team do.

Chris in California

Subject: My Fellow American

Greetings from an undercover Republican in the Great (Democrat Machine) City of Chicago.  

I still have faith in the USA, like my childhood Heroes, I still strive for Truth, Justice and The American Way. (Not the drivel from mass media, globalists and the “woke” crowd.)

It doesn’t look too hopeful for President Trump, but we’ll have to wait and see – it’s like a nightly cliffhanger.

Enjoy reading your weekly Banter and your great company.

Thanks for everything.

Stacy, just a comic book reading guy in Chicago

Subject: A fellow liberty lover and President Trump supporter (and weekly newsletter subscriber)

Good morning, Buddy. I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that I do stand in complete agreement with on your political views. I appreciate the unapologetic and public support for President Trump. I think he has been a fantastic Commander in Chief! If the election results stand, I believe a great many people who hate President Trump now will be singing a different tune before the next four years are over.

Love the weekly newsletter!

Jim in Texas

Subject: email

I cannot believe someone (Senior Research Scientist, Ph.D.) could send the email that jerk sent you about Donald Trump. While he is entitled to his opinion, the classless way he spoke to you shows to me he is the racist person.  Whether you agree with them or not, people are entitled to speak their mind, but it would be nice if it could be a little more polite. Best to you.

Sam in Connecticut

Subject: Life in Comics

Dear, Buddy. 

First of all, the guy (Senior Research Scientist, Ph.D.) that sent the email calling you bad names was very unprofessional. I am sure glad this individual is a Democrat follower and not a Republican. That being said, I am sick of watching our country fall further and further from the great nation we used to be.

Trump was doing a great job of making America great again. Dealing with China as no past president ever did, etc. He even visited public enemy number 1, North Korea, and quieted that country’s dictator down for a while.

Look at how the economy was running before this suspicious co-vid arrived!!! Everybody was making money and prospering. Supposedly, Trump lost 600 million dollars in his last year’s taxes. It may be true or not, but does that sound like a guy who is using his presidency for prosperity?

I wonder if Joe spent all that campaign money or kept some for himself? We will probably never know. I wonder how many people will get beat up by the police now that it looks like Joe has won the election. It really must make you wonder what people are capable of to get into office.

(E., your lengthy praise for MyComicShop was cut here in a need for brevity, but we thank you for all your wonderful praise! Buddy)

The next time I am passing through Texas on my way to Mexico to visit my wife’s parents, I would love to sit down with you, Buddy, and buy you a steak dinner. You know why? Because you get it… Thanks and regards,

E. in Michigan

E., we’ll certainly take you up on the offer of a steak dinner! And I’ll be pleased to give you the grand tour of Lone Star Comics! – Buddy

Subject: Update for November 10, 2020

So, Buddy, what were you thinking?  Were you trying to embarrass me, by blasting my private email publicly, to thousands of people on your mailing list?  Did you really think doxing me and encouraging retribution from your fans would scare me?

Buddy, I call you out for being an asshole because you keep doing the things that assholes do.  I don’t hide from corrupt authoritarians, idiot Trump supporters, or anyone else.  Maybe you aren’t used to seeing integrity in action?  This is what it looks like.  When you say shitty things, I stand up and tell you how shitty they are, and why.  So that later, you can’t pretend you didn’t know.  We need to make bigots ashamed again in this country.  What you are doing, Buddy, is shameful.

And if anything bad happens to me due to your petty display of pique, blasting my information to thousands?  I am comforted by the thought of how easy it would be to successfully sue you for it.  I guess the truth is getting under your skin, eh?  Making you lash out in anger?  Be careful there … your rage is blinding you to illegal activity.

How stupid are Trump supporters?  Some of them – including you – are promulgating the “story” that thousands of dead people are voting in Michigan.  This comes from the Epoch Times, a far-right propaganda outfit, affiliated with the Falun Gong religious movement in China.  The Epoch Times has spent $1.5 million dollars on Donald Trump ads last year on Facebook, second only to the Trump campaign.  After they were banned from Facebook for non-transparent political ads, they moved to YouTube, where they have so far spent $1.8 million dollars promoting Donald Trump.

Now ask yourself: would a legitimate news organization spend millions of dollars to promote a political candidate?  No, no they would not. 

The Epoch Times is not a real newspaper.  Dead people aren’t voting in MichiganMail-in ballots are not susceptible to voter fraud.  And Donald Trump lost this election by 5 million votes and counting … a bigger percentage in the popular vote against any incumbent President since FDR beat Herbert Hoover.  (Yes, bigger even than Reagan’s percentage in 1980.) 

The people who tell you these things are lying to you for their own ends.  And you believe them, hook, line, and sinker, because a) You are a dumb person; and b) You WANT to believe them.  You want to keep believing you are a good person.  You want to believe you aren’t alone, and that a majority of Americans would support a race-baiting, corrupt, lazy, greedy, authoritarian, PoS President and call it “good.”  You want to believe these things because it gives you cover for all your negative impulses that you are lying about. 

It’s called cognitive dissonance, when your actions don’t match your opinion about yourself.  Brains don’t like cognitive dissonance … it’s uncomfortable.  And so your brain is susceptible to “rationalizations” that help resolve the conflict.  In layman’s terms: you will believe anything, no matter how stupid, in order to feel good about supporting a terrible President.

Here’s a hint, moron: good people don’t tear apart migrant families and put tens of thousands of kids in cages, separate them from their parents, and break the law to do it.  Good Presidents don’t persecute trans and gay families and promote discrimination.  Good Presidents aren’t bigoted against Muslims, Mexicans, or people from “shithole countries.”  Good Presidents don’t routinely violate the emoluments clause of the Constitution, gas protestors for a photo op, or obstruct justice and Congress.  Good Presidents – every President before this one, in fact – don’t refuse to concede a lost election.

But you support all of that and more.  And that makes you not only a very stupid person, but a very bad one.

And you don’t have the balls to post THIS email in your newsletter, because deep down, you are afraid that I’m right.

Senior Research Scientist, Ph.D.

I’ll not burden readers with more than this second email from Ph.D. This will be his last. — Buddy

Subject: Thank You!

Hello Buddy, Thank you for standing your ground and using your forum to support our President, Donald Trump!

After reading the nasty email you received (so much for tolerance), I wanted to reach out! I am a fellow deplorable and with you 110%. We are still praying for a positive election outcome!

PS What is Vintage Paper?

Vintage Paper is a category that includes pre-1980s magazines, pulps, Big Little Books, and other popular culture paper items. Our new vintage paper dept., once fully up and running, will also deal in classic toys and other things, including one of my own favorites, DC and Marvel Slurpee cups! -Buddy

Best wishes! James in California

Subject: Buddy’s Banter

Hey, Buddy!

I have done business with Lone Star Comics for about 10 years now, both buying from and selling using the want list.  I have never had a bad interaction with anyone employed by Lone Star Comics. Through those 10 years, I have also read a lot of “Buddy’s Banter.”

You are a Texas conservative and I am a Midwestern liberal.  Considering everything, I still think that we have more things in common than we have differences (for example, a love of comics and speculative fiction).

Keep in mind that President Trump (yes, although I didn’t vote for him, he is my president) won the Electoral College in 2016 by approximately 60,000 total votes in three states: Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.  Just think about that.  The way our electoral system is set up, with winner take all rules for electoral votes, slightly less than .01% of the American population located in so called “battleground” states decided the next four years for our country.

So, why is it so far-fetched that in 2020, with a higher voter turnout, Joe Biden won the election by comparable numbers without “cheating”?

(See this week’s Buddy’s Soapbox. Buddy)

Voter fraud on a scale capable of “stealing” this election, thousands of votes, would either be very easily caught or very easily debunked.  One of those cases that was easily debunked was that “10,000 dead people voted in Michigan.”  It was investigated and it didn’t happen.

When Democrats were unhappy with the results of the election in 2016, they didn’t question or undermine the electoral process, though the results were much closer in 2016 (60,000 votes).  What they did was protest the campaign of falsehoods and misinformation, often perpetrated by Russia according to US Intelligence services, that swayed voters in the first place.

(Sorry, I remain skeptical the Russians did very much at all to influence the 2016 election, the implication being that whatever they did favored Trump. Keep in mind that prior to the election, Trump was a candidate, not yet the president. Obama was the president, so any failure to deal with Russian interference was Obama’s failure. Buddy)

Unfortunately, that is the kind of campaign contribution that you made in your last email.  Even President Trump, in his many court cases, isn’t alleging mass voter fraud in those suits.  It is only in interviews, rallies, and on Twitter that he does so.  Not in a court of law.

I know that we as Americans have the right to free speech.  But, when one has a platform that most people do not, for example, a newsletter that can reach people around the world, does that power not also come with a responsibility (to paraphrase Stan Lee)?

I’m not going to berate you for your political ideology or any other differences that we may have.  That serves only to polarize our country even further.  But, I would ask that you reconsider before spreading any misinformation that will only serve to divide us.

Sometimes, your side just loses an election.  It was a bitter pill for me to swallow four years ago.  It will be a bitter pill for President Trump to swallow as well, when he finally does.  I hesitate to say that Republicans lost, since they actually gained seats in the House of Representatives and will most likely maintain control of the Senate, as well as making significant gains at the state level.  Strangely enough, I don’t see anyone protesting or suing to contest those results.

This was much longer than intended and I apologize for that. Be well, Buddy Saunders, and please consider my request.  I look forward to continuing to do business with you.

Sincerely, Josh in Ohio

Subject: Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Aaron’s first email:

I really appreciate you taking this under consideration. I believe in a free society we should be able to have the discussion and debate about the rules and regulations that govern us, but the newsletter is a one-way format that people sign up for the intent of comics sales news for the business. It doesn’t lend itself to useful feedback or provide a platform for robust discourse. The best to you and yours, and have a wonderful holiday season! 

Aaron’s second email:

Buddy, about a year ago we had a nice exchange about the nature of the MCS newsletters and the expectation by customers on what it will contain when they sign up. At that time, you agreed with me that your personal politics were best left for other venues and not the newsletter. That changed again. I can’t tell you how many comics friends and customers of mine have asked me what other places they can buy back issues from rather than you since you started back with the political content. Maybe you don’t realize how tenuous the climate is in a lot of the country? For myself, pro trump supporters in my neighborhood fly confederate flags along their maga flags and we’ve had several instances of racially motivated attacks in the last week. That’s just here in Oregon in a deeply blue city of Eugene. I can’t imagine what other people are going through right now across the country. That you would continue to push voter fraud doubts and pro Trump content in a sales newsletter makes it very hard for me to continue to use your service. I want to support you and your great employees and urge you to once again consider your words to me a year ago. Thank you for your time. Stay safe and be well,


For the most part, I agree with Aaron. Under normal circumstances, I do think it best that a business should not involve itself with political matters. But current times are not normal times. Forces are in motion that could end up destroying this nation. So, I cannot stand silent. And I will speak, using the forum I have at hand. However, from here forward, my musing or ravings, depending on your point of view, will not appear in our weekly email. Instead there will be a link in the email to a separate blog that readers are at liberty to ignore. — Buddy

Subject: The Last Newsletter (1st email)

Hey, Buddy, 

I missed the latest newsletter, but a friend in Wisconsin just forwarded it to me…

Let me express my personal support against that ignorant vitriolic message (Senior Research Scientist, Ph.D.) you were sent. That person shamed only himself. Completely unnecessary and more than a little unsettling.

Look, I’ve understood that people have different viewpoints about the time I learned to walk!  And Lord knows, you and I and every other person I know and care about are no different.  We ALL disagree on some things and we can state our views with long-winded passion, and all of that is perfectly okay.

But at the end of the day, there’s NO place for such outright and unfounded hatred…from ANYONE about ANYTHING.  We’ve exchanged many e-mails about just about everything under the sun and we’ve spoken over the phone and I can say this, as I’ve said before:  You and yours would always be welcomed guests in our home and I certainly intend to be a faithful customer until I can no longer sit upright and place an order.

As far as politics, yes, people voted for one guy, people voted for the other guy.  Maybe I’m naive, but I’m pretty sure that’s called a democracy and that’s a good, good thing.  

I can remember — and it’s not been that long ago – -when people kept their vote to themselves, from local elections right up to national elections.  People attended church while holding their relationship with God as a very personal and sacred thing.  That seems to me to have been a collective quiet dignity we as a society have maybe forgotten…and should maybe try to remember and regain.  I’ve stumbled at times, sure. I’ve had to fight against being swept up in the current tide, of course.  But isn’t it sad that we think of a time when everyone appreciated others with a sort of wistful nostalgia, when it’s in our power to return to that civil connection?

You have my support, Buddy.  That we are not alike makes me treasure you that much more.

Your friend, 

Steve Beai 

Subject: The Latest Newsletter (2nd Email)

Buddy, By all means, certainly feel free to use my last e-mail as you see fit

I was so glad to read your words about receiving so much support from everyone across the board.  (I can remember thinking over the last year or so regarding the newsletter…”Oh, Buddy, you’re opening yourself up to every nut out there!” as you shared more of your political musings.)   I think it’s a bit ironic that anyone would be suddenly surprised, or somehow “disappointed” or outright sullen and hateful to you.  I guess it may not be exactly “common” knowledge, but you’ve never hidden your views since as far back as the 70’s, nor should you have.  

I’ll turn 58 in February and damned if I have yet to understand how either a conservative view or a liberal view have become “evil”, “us against them”, etc.  For God’s sake, save that shit for the sports fields.

I was distressed when you began to talk politics in the newsletter because I was concerned for you.  The person who shot up the baseball field in DC during a Republican team practice has a single thing in common with the person who shot up a Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs — and it’s NOT being a “Republican” or “Democrat”.  It’s being insane.

I can only speak for my family, but I can say that many of us disagree about many things – including politics — but NEVER, EVER, have any of those disagreements come close to threatening the love and cohesion we have as a family.  

I can’t shake what that “PhD” hammerhead said in his e-mail to you. It speaks more to his problem than anyone else’s.

Yes, Buddy, in point of fact, all of the good things you have done in your life DO mean something and continue to speak volumes about you. NO, you are NOT a “Nazi” or whatever other bullshit label was in that e-mail.  You are a lovely man, a decent and sincere person. 

 Look, I wrote a book in the early 90’s, CENSORING THE CENSORS, a compilation of columns from the Small Press Writers and Artists Organization published in the mid-to-late 80’s.  Since I write fiction, the book focused on censorship in the entertainment industry.  One could read that book today and not be able to figure out WHERE the hell I fall on the political spectrum.  Still, I received nasty letters and phone calls, up to and including actual death threats because of that publication.  So, I’m no stranger to that insanity.  

 Craziness is not an exclusively “left” or “right” phenomena.  It comes from anywhere and can take a real toll on a person.  Anything I can do, any support you need whatsoever, you just let me know.

My best to you and yours, Buddy, 

Steve Beai

Subject: On Second Thought (3rd email)

(This 3rd email was in response to my emailing Steve telling him that when I ran his email, I would remove the reference to his book to preserve his anonymity. Buddy)

Hey, Buddy, 

I stand with you, our differing viewpoints aside.  

You go ahead and mention my name, my work CENSORING THE CENSORS and anything else connected with me in defense of you.  In fact, I’m almost insisting.

There’s no reason for me to be a “shrinking violet” now, since I’ve never been one before.  I’ve weathered crazy people via e-mail, phone and in-person at writing conventions for over 20 years and I’m not going to stop now.

I support your right to speak out.  Period.  STEVE BEAI supports your right to speak out.  Period.

My name may mean little, but it’s better than “anonymous”.  You are NOT going to go through this with only “Buddy Saunders” being exposed.  That’s just not fair.  Good people stand with good people and are not afraid.

Best, Steve Beai

Subject: Donald Trump

Buddy! I’m so glad to hear you’re a Trump-er! I’m a Malaysian Chinese and I’m a big fan of Trump. It’s so clear to me he’s done a lot of good for the country.

Unfortunately, the mainstream media have been very biased towards him. I’ve had many debates with friends about Trump. Mostly it’s one way shouting from them at me for being supportive of a racist, lying, evil, etc. man. The one commonality among them is they all get their “news” from CNN and other left leaning online sites.

I haven’t seen a single evidence of Trump’s racism and neither have I seen a politician who doesn’t tell lies. I don’t always agree with some of the things Trump says, but I believe we always have to judge a person by the fruit of their works.

He’s brought peace to the Middle East and he made friends with the one guy the world was afraid he would go to nuclear war with, Mr. Rocket Man of North Korea.

I’m a Christian and I don’t think Trump is the holiest guy around, but the Bible does tell me God always use the least qualified person to do His will and through His grace, qualifies him.

Trump didn’t lose the election. It was stolen from him. Buddy, about 7-8 years ago we had our own election here in Malaysia. During the vote counting process, it looked like the opposition was going to win. Then all of a sudden, there was a blackout. When the electricity came back on, there were extra boxes of ballots. The opposition went on to lose the election.

When I read about what happened the night of 3rd and early morning of 4th, I recognized it for what it was: election fraud. Our corrupted Malaysian government would have been proud of what the Democrats did. I pray for the truth to come out and for Trump to continue his 2nd term. You’re not alone with your opinion, Buddy. There are many of us. Not all of us are Americans though but we’re all Trumpers 🙂

Andy in Malaysia

Subject: Sorry about that……

 This is your comic brother from Idaho, Bob _____. I know as a business leader you are subject to a lot of criticism, but that letter you received from the angered individual (Senior Research Scientist, Ph.D.) was way out of line. As a Vietnam-era veteran I served to protect our right to free speech. However, some folks clearly use this right to project their ignorant platform to degrade their fellow human beings. I voted for Donald Trump not because I admire him but because he serves to protect our country from those who would make a mockery of us (including our fellow Americans!). You keep speaking your mind, brother. My military service has your back! 

Bob in Idaho

Subject: Respect

Hello Buddy,

Although your core business is comics, I did enjoy the political reflections you shared with us.

They were more than informative, they made me think.

I live in the Netherlands and to be honest, the general opinion here is that president Trump is pure evil (please don’t stop reading). To most of the Dutch, he is in the same league as Putin or Erdogan. Enemies of democracy and free press. Ruling with oppression.

Yet I only know you from the weekly e-mails and you come across as a very intelligent and decent man. A real family man who fights for his employees.

Also, there are roughly 70 million people who voted for this man. They can’t all be idiots.

My preliminary conclusion is the following. Put a Dutch man next to someone from the United States and (maybe besides the shoes), you can’t tell the difference. But we are different. It’s easy to conclude that your culture is different from the Asian culture, but the difference between our homes might just be as big. So maybe we don’t always need to understand each other, or to agree. Just respect each other. So easy.

Wishing you the best,

M. in The Netherlands

Thank you, M. A lot of great email here, but yours ranks among the best. As I think you’ve guessed, Trump is a good man who has done good things, but anyone who gets their “news” solely from the media, will come away with the negative opinion you describe. — Buddy

Subject: Well spoken

I am a teacher of 35 years and counting here in Florida at _______ High School. I have taught American government, AP Human Geography, Economics and American History. Never (and I have looked) has there been a president who helped out the American middle class more than Donald Trump.

Sure, Obama saved the car industry with cash for clunkers and he set up Obama care for the extremely poor in the country, but the forgotten man, the middle class… was not forgotten by the Trump administration.

Free speech is a constitutional right and the liberal left would and has tried to squash that right by the conservative right. Just like the scathing email you got from the professor (maybe on Gilligan’s island too long to remember what democracy is) that you shared with us. Buddy you may have lost one customer, but I bet he didn’t buy as many comics from MyComicShop as I have in the past 11 years. Ha Ha.

Life will move on and the next chapter of our country will play itself out. When 70 plus million people vote for you like they did for Donald Trump before and on election day the candidate usually wins. Voting on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday after election day is what can cause a candidate to lose. I bet the founding fathers are rolling over in their graves about this one. Love your banter every week. Keep it up, big guy. The good you say will always outweigh the negative you will receive. Have a blessed day and a very Happy Thanksgiving to all at Lone Star Comics

Marc in Florida

Subject: email

I cannot believe someone could send the email that jerk sent you about Donald Trump. While he is entitled to his opinion, the classless way he spoke to you shows to me he is the racist person.  Whether you agree with them or not, people are entitled to speak their mind, but it would be nice if it could be a little more polite.

Best to you, Sam in Connecticut

Subject: Feedback

Hi Buddy, I’ve been a loyal customer of MCS for the past 2 years or so.  Got back into collecting after my brother died of brain cancer.  I Initially went back to my local store and was treated really poorly.  From there I started e-baying which I still do, and that’s where I discovered your store.  I’ve been happy with the prices and grading (almost all the time, and when a grade is off your price is so good, I don’t really care enough to bring it up).  The couple of times I needed to return items for grading issues they were quickly resolved.

When you started bringing politics into your “banter,” my initial reaction was to stop being a customer of MCS.  As a small business manager, I’ve learned to keep my political feelings to myself and I questioned the value of your including your preferences in your column.  Ultimately, I have decided to continue doing business with MCS because you run a great business and have earned my loyalty.  

Thanks for running a great business

Luke in Connecticut

Subject: Peace be with you!

Buddy, in your 11/10 update, you shared a letter you received that was quite harsh. Two things struck me and prompted me to write to you.

1) I admire you for having the skin to even share something like that so openly.

2) I am saddened to read such words that this individual felt the need to express. 

Now, while you and I will not agree on Mr. Trump and his actions, (and even though he makes my blood boil), you correctly stated that you have a right to your opinion. And more importantly, this person does not know what you have and haven’t done in your life. And they most certainly cannot know what resides in your heart.

Even in our differences, I hope we will come to understand that treating each other with respect, decency and compassion will allow us to thrive. In this day and age, we are so inundated with hate, negativity and violence that we wrongly view those differences as something to squash, when in fact it is the differences that do not define us but rather our ability to bridge those gaps to each other that leave the mark of prosperity.

I just hope we reach this mark before we hurt each other any more than we already have… 

May life continue to fill you and your house with love and joy.

Sincerely, Anthony in California

Subject: Re: Update for November 10, 2020

Buddy, I support your right to say what you want, as you do, in a respectable manner. That _______PhD., while doing his disrespectful outburst, doesn’t sound like much of the intellectual that he probably thinks he is. Good to get him off of your great company’s informational website. Thanks for your dedication to the comic book industry and hobby.  

Sincerely, Jon “Mike” in California, a collector for over 67 of my 74 years on the planet.

Subject: RE: Hello, Buddy

Hello Buddy, you know it is so sad that we, as a people, have come to a point in our society where we can’t just agree to disagree and respect each other’s opinions and each other even though we may not always agree with same.

I couldn’t believe the response written you that was included in your new emailing.  If this guy feels so strongly about same, then the thing to do was just unsubscribe from your service and trade elsewhere, and not descend to the level of name -calling and profanity, etc., gee whiz.  Were I an entrepreneur, I might be glad to be shed of his business.

Imagine being some type of research scientist, and one is that closed-minded.,…errr, right turn, Clyde!

Gee, whatever happened to class?  When I compare my parents’ generation to the status quo we exist in, it is staggering how much it’s all changed.

Do you have any theories on how Biden’s presidency will affect the prices of the old rare comics, etc. we all love?

Stay the course, Buddy, C. in Louisiana

Subject: Hi Buddy

Hi Buddy: I agree with you on President Trump. He did a lot of good for our country. Pertaining to votes, according to Michael the voting machines use software and this software company is owned by Dems Diane Feinstein, her husband, and Nancy Pelosi. William Barr is having his task force look into voting irregularities. It ain’t over ‘til it’s over by Yogi Berra.

Richard in Florida

Subject: Your Recent Letter in the Weekly Newsletter

Buddy, I really appreciate you taking a stand for President Trump.  When so much of the mainstream comics world is against him, it’s nice to see your support.  I agree with you on his handling of the economy and Covid.  Personally, our family net worth increased at a much better rate under Trump than under any previous President. 

It is my understanding that many Democratic leaders created the Covid panic on purpose in order to harm certain sectors of the economy and continue to steal our humanity by all of these lockdown restrictions, all just to harm President Trump by attacking the country’s morale. I will never forgive them for this.  I would vote for Trump in 2024 if that were possible. 

I’d also be fine if Trump stepped down before his term was over, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas retired, then President Mike Pence could nominate Trump to the Supreme Court, and the Republican Senate could confirm him.  I’m not sure this would work though since we might need Pence’s VP vote in the Senate, but it’s fun to think about!

Best Regards, Joshua in Ohio

Subject: Dogmatic Trump Haters

Hi Buddy, I just finished reading your weekly newsletter and had to comment.  I think that the election was between people who loved Trump and who hated Trump, and it is clear that he (Senior Research Scientist, Ph.D.) hated Trump.  It would seem to me that for him to vote for Biden and Harris is inconsistent with his high morals.  After all, Harris is the woman who had an affair with a married man, San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown, in the hopes of furthering her political career.  Heck, maybe she got to Touchy-Feely Joe, too?

Anyhow, try to ignore him.  However, I would take him off of your mailing list and I would put him on the list of people you won’t do business with anymore.  He is definitely the type who would lie and say he was overcharged, that a package didn’t arrive, etc.  Avoid the grief, avoid him.  I think eBay has a blocking option also.  Don’t give him the chance to cause problems.

As long as we win the Senate, things won’t be horrible.

Rich in Mississippi

Subject: __________, Ph.D.

Dear Buddy, With regards to the letter sent to you from __________, Ph.D., I can only say, “Good Grief!” Cross him off your mailing list, and good riddance!

Warm regards from COVID-free Western Australia, the best place in the world, and bigger than Texas! (sorry).

Nick in Western Australia

Subject: From a guy in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

Read your comment on Trump. It seems you haven’t heard of concepts as “self conned”, “indoctrinated” or “mind blown by tyrannic populists”.

I guess you are a victim of your surrounding culture. Before culture  and its values comes human rights and the right to live a happy life.

Can’t understand how you support everything Trump says and does ONLY because you get swept away bay charisma and stamina…these form part of egocentric people, the opposite of empathic people.

Very sad to see what’s happening in USA and Texas!

Homo egocentricus vs. Homo empathicus, you can still decide which one you can be. The first one gives only problems in the world.

That is my opinion.

Regards, APS in Spain

Subject: Buddy Banter

Buddy, I love My Comic Shop and have purchased many comics from you over the last decade or so.

Your banter regarding politics and Trump specifically have me baffled. You clearly realize that more than half of the country are horrified by Trump and Trumpism (including me admittedly).

Why would you want to agitate more than half of your customers to push an historically unpopular man? It just seems like a bad business move. I mean, stay away from politics and religion if you want to appeal to people. Its business 101.

In any event, I have to push back on your claims of voter fraud that echo Mr. Trump. Where is the evidence? Mail in voting was already in use in some states prior to this election with no evidence of fraud. Further “voter fraud” in general is not an issue (statistically it is nonexistent). Trump formed the Kobach commission to find it and found none. W Bush had a five-year commission and they found none. No evidence anywhere but Trump wants to overturn the election by just claiming (in typical Trump fashion) that its rampant. I mean the claim of 10,000 dead voters voting in Michigan has been debunked. It’s a canard.

Please just accept defeat graciously. It’s embarrassing when the party of voter suppression wants to claim voter fraud is why they lost. Hit me back if you want. I have no animosity and I truly love MyComicShop.

Maybe you have some solid evidence of voter fraud (in person or mail in) you could share with me.

Excelsior, Mark A.

Subject: Dear Sir

Dear sir, After reading your most recent newsletter, I have decided to never do business with you again and will tell all my associates to do the same. Your parroting of the unfounded attacks on our nation’s electoral integrity is quite frankly shameful and un-American. It is talk like yours that have led to election workers fearful for their safety and that of their families. Also, it is one thing to disagree on politics, but to suggest with no actual evidence there is a massive cabal trying to steal the election is another. Plus let’s be honest, you are only saying this because your presidential candidate lost. I could easily descend into some vitriolic, ad hominem rant but you aren’t worth getting my dander up. 

I do support your right to say what you want, but that also comes with consequences.

Brian in Florida

Subject: Agree to Disagree

Hi Buddy, I just wanted to write back in regards to your latest update.  This was really prompted by the partial e-mail you included in your weekly update.

As another American working in the academic profession, I found it really quite unfortunate you received something like that from another PhD.

While I cannot agree with you in regards to many of the issues regarding President Trump, especially in regards to his handling of COVID & having seen others personally affected by this disease, I don’t want to spend this e-mail writing up points to counter your ideas regarding Trump’s Presidency.

I would just say that I agree on parts of Trump’s Presidency and have supported some of the actions he has taken during these past few years.

However, I do not support many of his actions and policies, but I think saying that I agree to disagree with you is the best way to state my personal thoughts.  I believe the fact that we hold differing opinions is a big part of what makes this country great.

At the end of the day, I respect your differing views as I hope you would respect any differences of opinion I might hold.

I would rather focus on what we agree on such as our love for comics and the joy that our hobby brings us both.

I hope you don’t feel all academics have such vitriol towards differences of opinion.

Kind regards, W., PhD in Washington state

Subject: re: 10,000 fake votes in Michigan

Buddy, Regarding your newsletter where you mentioned a lot of false votes from deceased people in Michigan, has debunked it as “mostly false.”

Please look at the following:

It is also addressed as false on the Michigan Secretary of State website:,4670,7-127-1633_100423_102534_102535—,00.html

I personally think if they were rigging the election, they’d have arranged to not lose seats in the House and also take control of the Senate.

This was a super close election.  Allegations of voter fraud seem to me to fall in the “sour grapes” category….  the really simple explanation is that they count in person votes first (before counting mail in ballots) and given that Trump spent a lot of time casting doubt on the mail in voting process, I’m not surprised that his supporters disproportionately voted in person with mail in votes skewing towards Biden. 

The reason it took many days to declare a winner is because there were a tremendous number of mail-in ballots and carefully counting them takes a tremendous amount of time.

But, as you say, we can agree to disagree.

I was not happy when Trump won four years ago, but accepted the election results.  Trump needs to do the same and accept his loss with some degree of grace.

Bob in California

Subject: A more moderate position on Trump.

Buddy: A “New York How’ya Doin’!” to you!  

The newsletters have been very interesting of late… two of them containing my sincere compliments toward you and the fine business that you run, and the latest with the “professor” who took issue with your support for President Trump.  

At present, I disagree with you as well, but it wasn’t always the case.  The president himself, made it so.  

I am a registered Republican who voted for Donald Trump in 2016.  Why?  Because he and Rudy Giuliani were two of the “heroes” who pulled New York City from the pit in which it spent the 1970s and half the 1980s and (if I may borrow a phrase) “made it great again”!  …And did so for ALL by making the city safer and more desirable to live in or visit.  That view is challenged by some today, but I was there, and saw the transformation with my own eyes!  Look no further than 42nd Street for proof. 

But, upon becoming president of the greatest nation on earth, my view of him began to change.  It started the moment he began talking about the “crowd size” for his inauguration vs. that of his predecessor, and for reasons that truly puzzled me, appeared to be inflating his own numbers!  Why would anyone, particularly having just won the highest office in the land, do something like that!  

It was my hope that he would put away his Twitter account and get to work.  He was a builder, and I expected to see the kind of infrastructure building this country needs nationwide. 

(Given the total negativity from the media, Twitter was about the only way Trump could reach the public. Buddy)

Instead, it seemed that he was more interested in picking fights and presiding over adoring rallies than doing the real work.  That was okay while campaigning, perhaps, but not while governing!  

I developed a particular distaste for his mocking nature!  You’re the PRESIDENT, you don’t need to mock ANYBODY!  There were times, while watching him, I had flashbacks to Junior High School!  

But, where he lost me for good was his response, actually, lack thereof – to COVID-19.  His lack of serious concern, writing it off as a flu, something that will disappear, or (worse for the President of the United States) a blue state problem.  Hey, I live in a blue state, and I voted for you!  

His coming out against science and wearing masks, and promoting questionable theories, made everything worse than it could have been, given the great numbers of people he influences.  

The sad thing is, if he HAD taken COVID-19 seriously, listened to doctors and scientists instead of mocking them, and led the nation and the world as the president should do, he would have been the national hero he longs to be, and the election would have been no contest, regardless of the quality of his opponent.  

But, no!  I voted for now-President Elect Biden – and for reasons Donald Trump himself could have controlled, but didn’t.  

Joe Biden is the adult so many of us long for, after four years of a president mocking and demonizing those that differ from his views.  He will take COVID-19 as seriously as I had hoped Donald Trump would have. And he will not govern by Twitter.  

The country needs – and deserves – this right now!  

I send this to you, Buddy, because I respect you (and would never think of addressing you as did the “professor”), and to show that such disagreement can be handled courteously.  And that some of us even agreed with you – four years ago – but had good reasons to change our minds!  

Thank you, Joe (proudly from Levittown, New York) 

Subject: Oh my gosh what an awful email!

Hi Buddy, Make no mistake about it, we love America, and we love our President. To read that awful email (Senior Research Scientist, Ph.D.0) you received is just a reminder that the “other side” represents a community of hatred and has zero tolerance for people with opinions other than their own. I am baffled, and I have been this entire election.

(An awful email, indeed, but Mr. PhD. no more represents the left than a KKK member represents the right. The vast majority of people on both sides—as these emails posted here attest–are good, solid folks, be their views right or left. Buddy)

I just wanted you to know that you have friends/customers who see things the way you do.

About your vintage paper dept – will you be buying things to fill it? Such as postcards, and other ephemera? I sure hope so! (Answer is yes. Buddy)

Stay safe, be well, and please always remember that Lone Star Comics is our favorite company in America. In our eyes you can do no wrong! 🙂

Yours, J. and H. in Maryland

Subject: Mail in Voting

Hi Buddy, I’ve been a customer for a long time and enjoy your site. And although I’m a progressive, I don’t mind reading your different point of view in your newsletter and appreciate the different perspective.

But I really take issue with your characterization of mail-in voting. It’s been around for a long time. Arizona, for instance, has been voting by mail since 1991, and around 80% of Arizonans vote that way. In the country as a whole before this year, about 21% vote by mail. It’s not a new system, and has never been a source of any kind of widespread, significant, or coordinated fraud. 

This year is no different, in that there is no credible evidence of voter fraud. I think it is irresponsible of you to spread that kind of harmful disinformation. I would ask that if you have credible evidence from reputable sources, to please cite them. Joe Biden has won the election with a narrow margin in a few states, just as Donald Trump did four years ago. I did not vote for him, but did not begrudge him a legitimate victory, just as Hillary Clinton did not hesitate to call him and concede when the election result was clear. 

Investigations are all well and good when conducted in good faith and with a legitimate basis for inquiry. So far, no valid widespread irregularities have been reported or substantiated. Below is a link regarding the supposed dead people voting in Michigan:

Thanks for listening. Best of luck, and I hope to continue to be a customer for years to come.

Sincerely, John in New York

Subject: reply to a reply


This is about the only time I’ve taken the time to write anyone about politics this year… funny that I waited until the election is (thankfully) over.

I’m writing mainly because of the rude response you posted in your email today from “Senior Research Scientist.” It’s funny to me because I, too, am a “Ph.D.” and a “research scientist” and a “professor;” in fact, I’d just quit work on a research report when I clicked on your email.

But I do not agree with that person who wrote to you — not only in who I voted for, but also in their need to label you obscenely, as that individual did. I did vote for Trump, even though I think he’s far from perfect. If I waited for a perfect candidate, I’d never vote. But I have many friends, including other scientists, who would shake their heads sadly at me, and I know a few folks who’ve said that they don’t want to be friends with anyone who would vote for Trump.

I don’t work that way; I think people can and should be friends with a diverse selection of other people. We can like someone and be friends with them (much less business associates) without agreeing with them 100%. It seems that people are forgetting that these days.

No surprise, given that I get your newsletter, I’m also a comics collector and have made a few purchases from you in recent years. But even though I buy comics only occasionally, I thought I’d let you know that I enjoy your weekly email, and I hope you don’t get too bothered by people who can’t handle an opposing point of view.

M. in Virginia

Subject: Thank you Buddy

Buddy, Thank you for sharing your conservative views and your support for our president Donald Trump over the past weeks. It brings me joy to know that my comic book hobby is supporting a business that shares the views that I have. 

I still have hope for Trump in this election even though it looks rough. There is evidence of fraud, and I hope they are able to take it to the courts and turn it around. More winning for the economy would be good for everyone. If he does lose always remember to keep your conservative head high.

Thank you for what you believe and thank you for having the best comic store ever.

I look forward to buying more comics for the rest of 2020, 2021 and on.

Much love from ND, Joshua 

Subject: Re: Update for November 10, 2020

Here is my nice email telling you that I don’t share or appreciate your opinions on Trump and the election. I support your right to speak, just as I support my right to unsubscribe and place no further orders.

John in Kentucky

Subject: Proud of you Buddy

I have followed your emails as well as Mile High Comics for over 20 years and purchased many times from both.  We all do have the right to our opinion and, despite vastly different views, I have always looked forward to your, and Chuck’s emails.  I find it interesting that the email you shared (Senior Research Scientist, Ph.D.) doesn’t mention anything that supports the professor’s claims regarding racism and corruption by Donald Trump.

I honestly think professors are the largest reason our culture has moved away from being patriotic and loving our country despite its flaws, to basic shame and hatred of our own ideals. Many people around the world would trade anything to be here in our country. I would say good riddance to that customer and not take a dime from them again. 

Keep doing what you are doing, sir! And thank you for always having an incredible stock and fair prices. 

Sam in California

Subject: Your words of wisdom

Buddy, I agree with everything you are saying about Trump. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. With that said I enjoy so much your column each week. I got into collecting as a kid in the 60’s and it has become a lifelong hobby. In recent years, I have seen the comic market as a very liberal median for many collectors I come in contact with. My views are still as conservative as they always have been and here in FWB we are a very conservative area. Keep preaching the word. Our news media sure will not speak the truth. Have a great day.

Marc in Florida

Subject: Compliments Regarding Your Comments in this Week’s Mycomicshop Update

Good morning Buddy, I read your comments regarding the upcoming election in this week’s MyComicShop update, and although I won’t be voting for the same person as you, I thought your comments were very well-written.

I really appreciated that you were able to state your opinions without including any of the insults and attacks that both sides use too frequently. Too often, Biden voters seem to have little to say beyond “I hate Trump,” and Trump voters don’t say much besides “I hate Biden.” I would much rather have a conversation with a thoughtful person who doesn’t share my political preference than a person who agrees with me out of pure negativity.

Also, your encouraging everyone to vote and watch tomorrow night’s debate is the sort of thing that politicians of all sorts should be saying more often. The larger the number of Americans who vote, the healthier our country is. So, thank you.

Brian in Michigan

Subject: a follow-up Re: Your weekly email banter

Hi, Buddy, It’s been a few hours since I sent that email and I regret doing so.  That’s a sign of just how divided Trump has made many of us feel, that we can be upset so quickly because of whom we choose to vote for or not.  It is just so hard to listen to him call anyone who disagrees with him treasonous to this country and see how the crowd cheers that at his rallies.

Part of this country is being able to have differences with other citizens and being able to live with those differences.  That being said, I respect you chose to vote the way you did based on what you feel is important to you.  And I’d prefer to continue to do business with you.

Peter in California

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